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RPA Provides a Solution for Insurance Claims Processing

After a policyholder successfully makes an insurance claim, the insurer must send all parties involved the relevant documents. Although this sounds like a relatively simple process, employees must download a high number of documents one by one, which is extremely time-consuming and repetitive. To increase efficiency, Ciphix used robotic process automation (RPA) to delegate the task.

RPA in the Insurance Claims Process: A Use Case

To download and number documents before sending them out, employees usually have to enter a central server accessed through an online portal.

Since each document requires a dedicated page, a portal can easily contain 100 or more pages in total, making it slow for anyone to go through each one manually. Even worse, some items have attachments that must also be downloaded.

Employees performing this job must repeatedly click through the documents, doing the same basic task hundreds of times. This is a poor use of their time, resulting in low job satisfaction and productivity.

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Our Solution

At Ciphix, we used RPA technology to create a digital workforce and automate the task of downloading and sharing the documentation that forms part of the insurance claim process.

Our robot can enter the online portal and download all documents and their attachments. It can even merge the files into a single PDF and draft an email with all the information, allowing the business to do a final review that takes a fraction of the time required to carry out the entire process.

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