Process Mining; See how your processes really operate

Process Mining has become a “must-have” in driving best-in-class, enterprise-wide automation. It is a data-driven approach that digs deep into business processes to discover insights that can be used for process improvement.

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What Process Mining can do for your Business


First, Process Mining takes a deep-dive into your business processes and visualises the activities in its AS-IS state.


Through this, bottlenecks are pinpointed together with opportunities for automation. 


Validation of the automation impact of our Hyper Automation Solutions on your process with relevant KPIs. For example, reduced throughput time & reduced errors.


Provide a dashboard by which it is possible to monitor the progress of your process in its TO-BE state with our Hyperautomation Solutions applied. 


Provide conformance metrics to measure how our automation solutions comply towards your set needs. 

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Benefits of process mining

Deep Insight into business processes

Process Mining gives you insight into your business processes in their current state (AS-IS). This means that bottlenecks and inefficiencies are identified leading to the increased process efficiency and increased productivity.

Impactful decision making

Through a deep understanding of your business processes, Process Mining enables organisations to make data-driven decisions based on real-world process performance.

Monitor & validate

Process Mining provides a transparent overview of data processes enabling the monitoring and validation of optimisation implementations. This ensures that processes are being executed as intended.

Process Mining in Hyperautomation

While there is no right or wrong way to start your hyperautomation journey, Process Mining can be considered as a sound strategic first step. Process Mining does not solve bottlenecks, it exposes them. This is why it is often implemented in conjunction with other automation technologies.

To us, Process Mining is seen as a vehicle to discover opportunities for hyperautomation and guarantee that the most significant bottlenecks are tackled first.

Process Mining Consulting and Advice

When delving into the world of Process Mining, there are three facets to consider in the journey: Discovery, Conformance and Enhancement. 


  • In ‘Discovery’, Process Mining facilitates answering the question “Why is my process performing the way it does?”. 
  • Followed by ‘Conformance’; “How is my processing performing from how I envision it?”. 
  • And lastly, ‘Enhancement’ looks at “What can I do to improve my process?”.  


Together with our Process Mining Consultants and our implementation partner, Celonis, each of the facets above will be addressed in your Process Mining trajectory. As a deliverable, you will have a birds-eye view of your processes with insights that facilitate forming an action plan on how to realise process excellence within your domain. 

Our Process Mining consultants are specialised in advising how Process Mining can add the most value to your needs:

  • Advise and consult in your current process state. They facilitate your organisation/department in ensuring Process Mining can be carried out in the most effective and impactful way. In essence, we look at which steps would be necessary in order to make the most impact. 
  • How Process Mining fits within your organisational infrastructure: How do you enable Process Mining within your organisation/department and align it with your strategic & operational objectives?
    • Some examples to consider: 
      • Reduce Cycle times
      • Enhance compliance with regulations
      • Freeing up working capital
      • Identify opportunities for automation
  • How to leverage actionable insights from Process Mining into your daily operations through automation and/or change management.

Process Mining Implementation

Once you’ve decided to take the step to start Process Mining in your organisation, the real work can begin. Below are a few points that are important to consider before starting your Process Mining journey: 

Your BPM / transactional systems collect audit logs / system logs which can be extracted and used for Process Mining.

In a lot of cases, you already have the data stored within your BPM systems, it is only a matter of contacting your IT department to access the data.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your processes documented, but it certainly is a plus if you do. Documented processes, while potentially idealised, provide a baseline for comparison. This helps identify discrepancies between how you think the process works and how it actually unfolds in practice.

With a clear strategy and defined KPIs, Process Mining efforts can be effectively directed and aligned within the company.

If you have hesitations or questions regarding any of the points above, our Process Mining consultants are ready to jump in!

Process Mining implementation trajectory

1. Process insights in real-time

2. Improve process compliance

3. Automate inefficiencies

4. Track improvements over time

5. Facilitate business transformation


Implementation partner: Celonis

When you choose for Process Mining at Ciphix, we work together with our software implementation partner, Celonis. Celonis is recognised as a leading implementation partner for process mining, as evidenced by its position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, where it stands out for its comprehensive capabilities and visionary approach to improving business processes. Their platform offers deep insights and analytics, enabling businesses to identify bottlenecks, optimise workflows, and enhance operational efficiency effectively. 

Process Mining; Dig deep, know more

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