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Artificial Intelligence courses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are an increasingly significant part of any industry. At Ciphix, we strive to answer one crucial question: how to start implementing these brilliant technologies in order to make the most of your resources?

Introduction session: free

When AI meets your morning coffee

Learn about

– What is AI?
– AI use- and business cases Reasons to start implementing
– AI in your Digital Workforce

Lunch & Learn

Deepen your knowledge of AI

Learn about

– Different AI Implementations (e.g. Machine Learning)
– Machine Learning in depth (e.g. overview and explanation of ML models)
– Live AI Demo
– + Everything from the Introduction Session

AI Workshop

Go all the way

Learn about

– How to find a suitable AI process
– Process selection with an AI Process Canvas
– Process deep dive and project walkthrough
– + Everything from the AI Workshop

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