Greater than the sum of their parts

Our hyperautomation partners

Partnering with UiPath, who for years has set the global standard for RPA development, offers our clients access to the most cutting-edge technologies on the market. UiPath’s platform features diverse RPA activities and AI integrations that create additional value within our IT deployment solutions.

Ciphix is a certified Google Cloud partner with a focus on Machine Learning solutions. We use Google's cutting-edge AI technologies to build intelligent robots that are capable of communicating and reading unstructured documents. Ciphix is the leading implementation partner in The Netherlands for Dialogflow and Contact Center AI solutions.

Cloud-based automation with Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere’s globally acclaimed RPA technology empowers companies to develop and deploy virtual assistants, going hand in hand with our client solutions. We implement this intelligent, intuitive web-based software in a number of RPA programs, particularly in the Public Sector, to maximize speed, scalability and ease of use.

An RPA pioneer and longtime Ciphix partner, BluePrism has been named for the third consecutive year as a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for RPA for “for completeness of vision and ability to execute”. BluePrism’s Intelligent Automation Platform offers innovative governance tools, security capabilities and more that help take our clients’ digital workforces to the next level.

Integrations with

Workato helps you automate business workflows across cloud and on-premises apps. For example, automate quote-to-cash business processes which may involve transferring data between apps such as Salesforce, Netsuite, new window), and Apttus. Workato combines an enterprise-grade workflow automation platform with the ease of use expected from consumer apps, enabling both business and IT users to quickly build workflow automations.

OutSystems, a leading low-code application provider, accelerates our hyperautomation consultancy services. As partners, we leverage OutSystems' user-friendly platform to swiftly tailor solutions for clients across departments. This partnership reinforces our specialised and agile market presence in creating tech. solutions that are applicable to all members of your organisation.

Dig deep with

Celonis, the leading process mining software according to Gartner’s magic quadrant. By leveraging Celonis we analyse and visualise all the processes within your organisation. The result? Uncovering the biggest bottlenecks and identify the best areas to start with automation. Dig deep, know more.

Microsoft Power Platform

Working with Microsoft’s Power Automate platform allows us to boost citizen development within our clients’ organisations and develop sophisticated integrations with Power Platform and UiPath. The platform increases agility by making it fast and easy for teams to build low-code apps capable of automating a wide range of business processes.

Azure offers a wide range of services, including virtual machines, databases, analytics, and more. It enables us to build, deploy, and manage applications and services globally, with the flexibility to scale resources up or down based on demand. Azure provides tools and solutions widely applicable across industries, enhancing operational efficiency and innovation.


HyperScience offers an enterprise AI platform that automates document processing tasks, utilising advanced machine learning techniques to extract and classify data from various documents with high accuracy, streamlining and accelerating business workflows.