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Our Partners in Intelligent Automation

The pursuit of intelligent automation drives us to seek out the world’s best tools and most inspiring teams, giving way to partnerships that are changing the future of RPA and AI.

By combining our capabilities and passion with those of other leaders, we’re helping transform the way businesses build, customize and scale their digital workforces.

Ciphix is proud to work with these innovators to deliver state-of-the-art automation solutions:

Partnering with UiPath, who for years has set the global standard for RPA development, offers our clients access to the most cutting-edge technologies on the market. UiPath’s platform features diverse RPA activities and AI integrations that create additional value within our IT deployment solutions.

Ciphix is a certified Google Cloud partner with a focus on Machine Learning solutions. We use Google's cutting-edge AI technologies to build intelligent robots that are capable of communicating and reading unstructured documents. Ciphix is the leading implementation partner in The Netherlands for Dialogflow and Contact Center AI solutions.

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