Chatbot Workshops

Let's explore Conversational Automation together

Over 60% of customers and employees believe organizations should be available 24/7. Chatbots are expected to trim business costs by more than $8 billion per year by 2022. At Ciphix, we strive to answer one crucial question: how to start implementing chatbots in order to increase your customers' experience and satisfaction?

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Our Workshops

Inspiration Session

When chatbots meet your morning coffee


Learn about
  • What is Conversational Automation?
  • Conversational Automation use- and business cases
  • Reasons to start implementing chatbots in your Digital Workforce
  • Live Conversational Automation demo
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Lunch & Learn

Deepen your knowledge of Conversational Automation


Learn about
  • Different Conversational Automation implementations (chatbots, virtual assistants, voice assistants, mega-agent and internal search agents)
  • Conversational Automation in-depth

  • Everything from the Inspiration Session

Chatbot Workshop

Go all the way


Learn about
  • How to find functions, roles and positions in your organization that can benefit from Conversational Automation
  • Design your first virtual conversations
  • Create a bot personality based on your organization's core values
  • Project deep dive and project walkthrough

  • Everything from the Lunch & Learn