Meet Ciphix

Problem Solvers With a Purpose

The only thing Ciphix loves more than deploying robots? Helping humans.

We are Ciphix, a Rotterdam-based IT implementation company specialised in Hyperautomation. We enable organisations to unlock human potential through smart business process automation. With a holistic approach to automation we combine the strengths of various technologies. As a result, we help organisations reach full automation in their processes from start to finish, across their entire value stream.

We believe that well-implemented automation technologies will change the world for the better – and this belief grows with every digital employee we deploy. We are energised by innovation and are committed to being your Hyperautomation Specialist. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, you are at the right place.

The Ciphix Manifesto

Think Steps ahead

We look beyond the immediate task, keeping a pragmatic, big-picture perspective that leads to strategic choices and sustainable solutions.

Be Firm and Polite

We believe honesty and open communication are the cornerstones of success. Being straightforward and to the point always computes.

Innovate Fearlessly

ActioWe venture boldly into uncharted territory, creating our own paths when we need to and aren’t afraid to question traditional assumptions.ns speak louder than words, being a Rotterdam-based company we’re all about results.

Stay Hungry and Evolve Together

Collectively, we will never stop learning, iterating and challenging ourselves to further improve the effectiveness of our solutions.
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