The future of offices redefined

In recent years, the vision and needs of office building use have changed radically. With the adoption of location-independent working, millions of square metres of office buildings are available for new uses. These metres can be made more attractive, social and serviceable for (potential) users in the neighbourhood.

Released: 2022

Re:Invent’s mission is to redefine the office landscape into a high-quality, user-centric, reservable and flexible platform within a building. With the ultimate goal of providing building users with better service and building owners with stable, higher returns.


Digital platform for service-oriented and efficient building management

Re:Invent is a fast-growing digital service platform founded in 2020 by the former management of Spaces. The company aims to address the need for integrated and full-service operational management of buildings. With Re:Invent’s platform, property owners can provide the users of their buildings with all relevant services and flexibility, at a sustainable, high return. They do this by transforming the traditional landlord-tenant relationship into a hybrid form of service provider and hospitality expert, supported by a Smart Digital Asset Management Platform. This takes out the unnecessary costs in the real estate market.


“The use of offices is changing. Users want a service-oriented, social and ‘bookable’ office” –Michiel Brouwer, Co-founder Re:Invent

Michiel Brouwer, Co-founder of Re:Invent says: “The use of offices is changing significantly. Traditional office providers are unable to meet the needs of users. Think of flexible leases, dynamic pricing, stock optimisation, integral billing of all services taken or offering a customer portal with insight into service costs and energy consumption.”


Low code as the basis for sustainable asset management

Re:Invent’s services include an integrated digital service platform that links all services and all building management in one system, for both the landlord and tenant. In addition, it is possible to manage all types of contracts: from rental, to flexible contracting, food & beverage and other services to users and services at facility management level. Hospitality services and partners in the chain are also included in the platform. For example, management and monitoring of climate systems.


Webflight was commissioned by Re:Invent to develop a Mendix-based platform that offers a new digital way of operational property management, ensuring that real estate is better performing, flexible, social and sustainable. All services that constitute a transaction in a building run over the platform, building a large database of information.

Multi-app platform

Built with a microservices architecture, the Re:Invent platform consists of 5 separate apps that come together in one platform: products, customers, reservations, billing and customer portal. The use of Single Sign-On allows users to navigate through the different applications without logging in again with a unified experience.

A microservices architecture is a modular approach to building applications. They function as a collection of small services that can be independently deployed, scaled up and updated without affecting the platform as a whole. This has a positive effect on the scalability and maintainability of the platform.

Application requirements

Scalable multi-tenant platform for managing multiple buildings across multiple property portfolios. This should allow:

  • (Re)rent offices;
  • Book meeting rooms with add-ons such as catering and audiovisual support;
  • Flexible workplaces to (re)rent
  • Invoicing for all products on a combined invoice
  • Integration with system for parking
  • Integration with cash register for catering;
  • Customer environment for booking services;
  • Customer environment for insight into invoices;
  • Customer environment to submit requests for troubleshooting.


Three months after the platform’s development started, the onboarding of the first building was in the app. Three buildings are now live. Also on the roadmap next year is a Mendix Native app for customers, allowing them to book rooms and view invoices via their mobile phone. In particular, the further development into mobile use of the portal is central to this.

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