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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables organizations to deploy software robots that replicate human actions to execute repetitive manual tasks. Software robots are here to make your business more efficient and ready for tomorrow. The sooner you start using these robots, the faster you create a competitive advantage for your business. Properly implemented RPA enables a scalable, flexible and responsive digital workforce.

Benefits of a
Digital Workforce

Reduced costs
Software Robots are predictable in every way, including its low costs. Also, robots are able to operate and add value 24x7x365.
Operational excellence
A robot does not make typos nor calculation mistakes. An auditable log of all actions and data enable further process improvements or data analytics.
Scalability & Flexibility
A process can be deployed to as many robots as needed, either scheduled or triggered. Priority is given to processes with important deadlines.
Higher Employee Satisfaction
Suitable tasks and processes for automation are typically onerous and boring. Employees can be refocused on more rewarding and higher value activities.
Quick Return on Investment
Translating business processes into instructions for Software Robots can be done in a lightweight manner which enables a quick ROI.
Reduced lead time
Software robots perform tasks faster than a human and never rest, enabling 24×7 operations.

Empowering robots with AI

Smart Process Automation (SPA) brings together Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Robotic Process Automation can automate tasks that are rule-based, yet some processes involve intuition, judgment, creativity, persuasion, or problem solving. Cognitive capabilities are essential to automate more complex processes and tasks. The Ciphix AI team can develop and integrate machine learning models into software robots. This enables organizations to build a true digital workforce.

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