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What does Hyperautomation mean to us?

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Why choose Ciphix as your implementation partner

Independent specialists

For each technology which comprises hyperautomation we have dedicated experts (or in our words: champions) who know all the ins and outs.

Tailored, flexible & personal

We look beyond business and strive to deliver the best solution tailored to your situation. We have a library of solutions that can quickly be implemented and also tailored and the toolbox to design and build unique solutions.

Can-do mentality

Actions speak louder than words, being a Rotterdam-based company we’re all about results.

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Who we are

The leading European hyperautomation specialist

In order to optimise your business processes we create custom-built solutions using a variety of interrelated technologies. At Ciphix, we carefully select and make use of the best automation tools, experts and consultants on the market in order to adapt our solutions to your specific needs.

Benefits of a digital workforce

What hyperautomation can do for your business


Client Use Cases

Hyperautomation & Your digital workforce

At Ciphix we have created a framework named ‘The Digital Workforce Journey’. This framework outlines the process by which we enable organisations to hire ‘digital employees’ (a.k.a. software robots) who take over various, often repetitive and error-prone tasks. This enables their human counterparts to focus on the tasks that really matter – such as making data-driven decisions and harnessing their creativity to make strategic decisions. 

Through combining different hyperautomation technologies the capabilities and applications are endless. By combining several (or all) hyperautomation technologies, a vast scala of tasks can be automated, from repetitive tasks to complex chatbots.

Meet Julie, a digital employee for customer service, who saves 2,000 hours of repetitive work per month.

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