Take the robot out of the human

Intelligent Automation solutions with RPA & AI

Free your teams to do what they do best by offloading repetitive manual tasks to a digital workforce of AI-powered software robots.

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We focus on building sustainable solutions
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Ciphix implements sustainable Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions that reduce time and costs while meaningfully enhancing employee experience.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) serving as a problem-solving “brain,” the robots we deploy can automate a wide range of tasks with stunning efficiency—giving humans more time to be human.

Building A Digital Workforce

It's a Puzzle - And We’re Experts in Each Piece

The digital workforces we deploy for our clients are custom-built using a variety of interrelated technologies. Ciphix carefully selects from the best RPA and AI tools on the market in order to adapt our solutions to your precise needs.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conversational Automation

The Benefits

Focus on strategy and let your custom-created robots sweat the details.

Reduced Errors and Costs

Software robots are predictable in every way, including their time- and cost-effectiveness. The right RPA solution eliminates the risk of inconsistencies, errors and delays that can cause headaches for your business.

Engaged Teams

Humans’ ability to create, collaborate and solve complex problems is wasted on repetitive manual tasks such as data capture, analysis, and entry. Robotic Process automation frees your employees to take on more interesting and rewarding types of work.

Operational Excellence

Robots that utilize AI are not only able to do their jobs without human help; they can also “learn” how to become even more versatile and efficient. An auditable log of all actions enables you to continually improve your organization’s processes and data analytics.

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