RPA provides up-to-date insurance communication

In order to complete an insurance claim, documents related to the claim need to be retrieved, downloaded and merged into one PDF. A claim can easily contain over 100 documents. Imagine the amount of time you’d spend on downloading documents when completing multiple insurance claims a day! Read below how Ciphix implemented a software robot that almost fully automates this process.

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Use case: Hundreds of clicks to complete one insurance claim

An insurance company is faced with the task of completing a large number of claims on a daily basis. In order to complete a claim, all related documents must be sent to the relevant parties, and this procedure causes a bottleneck in the process. These documents can be retrieved from a central server that is only accessible using an online portal. Each item has its own page and one claim can easily contain over 100 items. Imagineably, the process of retrieving, downloading and then numbering all of these items demands a lot of time. 

Not only do the employees of the insurance company lose valuable time, they lose it to a relatively boring task. Repeating the same set of clicks more than a hundred times on a daily basis has a negative impact on both job satisfaction and productivity.

Months to ROI
Hours saved annually
Of effort automated

Our solution: Support from a software robot

Due to its repetitive nature, the process is the perfect candidate for an UiPath RPA-based solution! Robotic Process Automation (RPA) eliminates time-consuming and repetitive tasks that are carried out every day. Ciphix provided an automated solution, in which a software robot completes almost the entire process. The robot is built to perform the following tasks:

  • Read and filter Excel files
  • Download files and attachments
  • Merge files into one PDF
  • Set up a draft email for a final review

Our solution is able to handle, prepare and send documents related to insurance claims; saving 12,500 hours on an annual basis! This repetitive task that employees face in their day-to-day work no longer needs to be carried out manually. And the hours saved through automation? These can be put towards more value-adding tasks.

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