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RPA provides up-to-date insurance communication

At request of the opposite side, all documents used for an insurance claim have to be handed over. All these documents have to be downloaded one by one. This costs lots of time and is an uninteresting job for employees.

2 weeks delivery time

At the end of an insurance claim, an insurance company is obligated to hand over all documentation to the other side. These documents have to be downloaded and numbered before they can be sent to the opposite party. All these documents are saved on a central server that can only be accessed using an online portal and each communication item has its own page. Since a dossier can easily contain over 100 communication items, downloading these documents can be a time-consuming task. In addition to that communication items also have attachments of their own, which have to be downloaded as well. Navigating to each and every document and downloading it is quite a boring task and take lots of time.

Apart from the time it costs to navigate to all these items, it is also a quite boring task. Repeating a simple set of clicks a couple hundred times. This is terrible for job satisfaction and productivity of employees.

Applied technologies

Robotic Process Automation


Months to ROI


Hours saved annually


Of effort automated

Ciphix provided a solution where a software robot takes over almost the entire process. The robot is trained to open the dossier and download all communication items and attachments. The robot also merges all files into one pdf file.

When the robot has finished a dossier, it will make a draft mail in an shared mailbox for the business to check. If everything is in order, the business controller only has to press send.

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