Use cases


Lees meer over succesverhalen van organisaties die profiteren van onze Digital Workforce.


The future of offices redefined

Personalised portals for 1,500 retail companies

Optimisation of maritime climate control

Sales optimisation with customised quotation app

Sustainable parking management in Amsterdam

Ciphix & Mentha deepdive

Vattenfall Automation Success Story

Shared service center operations automated with a virtual assistant

Automate the processing of invoices by e-mail to streamline the entire purchase to pay chain

Tedious, manual tasks in month-end closing automated

Hours of self-employed workers are automatically entered into the correct system

Seamless automatic entry of Engineering Change Requests

Flawless and automatic price updates in SAP

Automate order entry process by implementing a digital back-office employee

Social Monitoring: Using AI to analyze article sentiment

RPA creates monthly sales report

RPA & CA helps a municipality with the processing of financial seizures

Automatiseren van de verwerking van urenadministratie

Improving service requests with the help of a Chatbot

Achieving 6x faster, error-free payment verification with UiPath RPA

Automating the Customer Due Diligence process with RPA

Combining RPA and AI for automated responding

RPA fully automates the offboarding process

Faster throughput times of care referrals at specialized healthcare clinics

How RPA enables faster and more accurate invoicing

UiPath RPA helps processing escalation clauses in sales contracts

Insurance company extends life insurance policies with use of RPA

RPA hires employees and requests a certificate of conduct (VOG)

RPA automates entry of promotional activities in SAP

How UiPath RPA saved over 1440 hours of repetitive work for employees

Automating the creation of assembly manuals using UiPath

Completely automating a balance sheet reconciliation process

RPA integrates with Oracle to simplify invoice processing

Automating insurance claim registration to ensure timely entry

How a Real Estate company uses RPA to improve contract management

A time- and stress-saving RPA solution for timesheet processing

RPA provides up-to-date insurance communication

How Conversational AI benefits home office workers

Automating the process of PEP checks at an insurance company

Intercompany reconciliations at an international AgriFood organization

Use AI to easily comply with the GDPR

RPA ensures correct and in-time loan creation at a bank

Processing returned letters with the help of RPA

Assessment of rejections automated with RPA

RPA manages your Month-End Closing process

Intelligent email automation with the use of RPA and AI

Processing of purchase invoices automated by RPA

Foreign invoices automatically processed using RPA

Insurance company copes with increase in workload by implementing RPA

RPA realising real-time processing of mails in Microsoft Dynamics

RPA helps stock planners at a FMCG company meet their SLA

Fewer steps, freer employees: Using RPA to create invoices in SAP

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