Foreign invoices automatically processed using RPA

The Accounts Payable department was swamped with manually processing hundreds of invoices every day. Employees had to complete a large number of steps with a great attention to detail. Ciphix implemented a solution using RPA technology that automatically verifies invoices, realizing significant reductions in error, workload and cost.

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Use case: Processing invoices all manually

We were challenged by our client to bring automation to their company. As they receive hundreds of invoices on a daily basis, which are all to be processed manually, the Accounts Payable department was swamped. The first step in processing these invoices was to read through an Excel file containing all information. Next, a web application (Oracle) was used to validate the type of contract. This web application tells the employee whether the invoice has to be paid or not. The process was completed by updating the status to an online database.

The amount of invoices received on a daily basis is extremely high and exceeds the maximum workload. As a consequence, not all invoices were checked. Instead, invoices were judged based on one sample of a set of invoices. The workload and the time shortage combined caused some errors in the payment of invoices.

Months to ROI
Hours save annually
Error reduction
Of effort automated

Our solution: Automation saves 8462 hours annually

The challenge was to bring automation to this process. With the use of UiPath-powered RPA technology, we created a digital workforce to automate the verification of foreign invoices. Our key goals were to fully automate the process, reduce the workload of the Accounts Payable Department and to create a solution that is less sensitive to human error. We have created a robot that satisfies all goals by performing the following tasks:

  • Read Excel files containing invoices
  • Validate invoice contracts in the web application
  • Update status to the database
  • Report status update to the customer

After we deployed our robot, 8462 hours are saved annually! Employees experience a reduced workload now that this process has been fully automated. Additionally, due to the standardized way of working, we have achieved a 100% error reduction.

Our RPA robot offers a solution that is effective, efficient and reliable. Rather than manually checking invoices, employees are now able to spend time on more engaging tasks!

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