Assessment of rejections automated with RPA

Employees working at the treasury department of a large aviation company have to handle many rejections or embargoes from payments on a daily basis. This process is time-consuming and, as a result, has a long throughput time. We developed an RPA solution that brings automation to this process. Due to the implemented solution, employees now have more time to properly analyze data.

1 month delivery time

Use case: Monitoring emails to assess rejections and embargoes

When it comes to payments, there is nothing more tedious than complications regarding these payments. A large aviation company experienced complications such as rejections or embargoes, which were sent through email. Their employees then had to read this email and open the attached files. The steps to update this information are as follows. First, employees search for the rejection or embargo in the terminal system. The additional information found is then copied into an Excel file in order to be analyzed. Finally, this updated information is added to the terminal system.

Our client experienced some pain points within this process. Besides the fact that this task is highly repetitive and quite mundane for employees to perform on a daily basis, the process also has a long throughput time. However, our client recognized the potential of automating this process and approached us to present an RPA-based solution!

Years to ROI
Hours saved annually
Of effort automated
Error reduction

Our solution: Automation increases employee satisfaction

After being challenged to automate this process, we started developing a digital workforce. We presented a smart solution to automate the process of pipe rejections using UiPath’s RPA software. With success, we have developed a robot that perfectly meets our client’s requirements. The robot is able to perform the following steps:

  • Download attached PDF files from email
  • Read file and classify it as 1) regular rejection; or 2) an embargo
  • Search for additional information in terminal system
  • Scrape data from terminal system into Excel file
  • Wait for business to analyze and adjust
  • Read Excel file again and update items in terminal system
  • Send email with update to user

Our robot is built to take over some of the repetitive steps previously performed manually, and as a result, the human workforce is no longer bound to this mundane task. The process is automated for 90% and saves 807 hours on an annual basis. Due to the RPA robot’s standardized way of working, we achieved a 100% error reduction. We implemented a solution that is effective, efficient, and reliable, resulting in a significant increase in employee satisfaction.

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