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RPA integrates with Oracle to simplify invoice processing

Our client’s finance department was spending a significant amount of time checking for and correcting wrongfully booked invoices. These tasks, which require extreme attention to detail, created mountains of repetitive work for employees. Now, with an RPA solution that integrates with Oracle ERP, the company is able to save time, reduce errors and improve team experience.

1 week delivery time

The challenge: Manually rejecting incorrectly booked invoices

With fluctuating amounts of invoices coming in every day, the task of carefully checking each one becomes even more labor intensive. Employees at our client’s finance department need to be attentive to any misplaced or wrongfully booked invoices, so as not to risk incorrect information being accepted. Any such invoice must be rejected, the reason for rejection is then submitted in Oracle ERP Cloud. Afterwards, employees must check and correct these invoices by hand.

Causing clear inefficiencies, this manual approach was not only costly for the company; it was also repetitive and mundane for employees. Our client reached out to Ciphix to assess the potential for automation in this process.

Applied technologies

Robotic Process Automation


Months to ROI


Hours saved annually


Error reduction


Of effort automated

Our solution: Reducing errors and effort by automating 60% of the process

We built and deployed an RPA-driven digital workforce that automates the most repetitive steps in the invoice checking process. As a result, our client has been able to improve efficiency, accuracy and employee experience—all with a single, easy-to-implement solution.

The robot integrates with Oracle ERP to successfully perform the following tasks:

  • Retrieve and read comments from rejected invoices
  • Change booking number
  • Send performance report to process owner

Our solution automates 60% of the process, saving 240 hours per year and reducing errors by 60%. Most importantly, however, it has led to a significant increase in employee satisfaction.

Ciphix offers custom-built solutions for your organisation to take the robot out of the human. Get in touch with our team, and join the digital journey!

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