A time- and stress-saving RPA solution for timesheet processing

Our client came to us with a problem: every week their finance department was spending a great deal of time processing employee timesheets. This task was not only labor intensive but also unpredictable, with sudden peaks when a high volume of timesheets would arrive in a given day. Now, a Ciphix-built digital workforce automates the process⁠⁠⁠⁠—taking the stress out of the unexpected and freeing employees’ time for more engaging work.

5weeks delivery time

Use case: Processing hundreds of timesheets in a weeks

Before partnering with Ciphix, our client’s finance department was manually processing hundreds of timesheets on a weekly basis. Seconded employees of our client, a secondment agency, enter their hours into timesheets using customized fields to specify time spent on certain tasks, projects and activities. Once submitted to the finance department, timesheets must be invoiced on the same day in order to ensure a healthy cash flow. This was especially challenging during peak days, when an overwhelming number of timesheets would arrive without warning.

Our client recognized that too many hours (and headaches) were going toward this repetitive, time-sensitive process, and reached out to Ciphix to target the problem through automation. Excited to dive in, we quickly got to work building a world-class Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution. 

Months to ROI
Hours saved annually
Of effort automated
Error reduction
Faster processing times

Our solution: Automation saves 1680 hours annually

Using UiPath’s RPA software, we developed a digital workforce that automates the processing of timesheets from start to finish. As a result, our client now enjoys not only saved hours but also shorter processing timesreduced errors and a faster ROI, no matter the number of timesheets received each day.

Bringing RPA to this process has been a win-win: the automation ensures that any volume of timesheets can be handled with ease, while freeing employees from previously time-consuming work. No more unexpected peaks causing stress for the team, no more tiresome manual processing; just a seamless solution where a robot performs the following tasks:

  • Extract the timesheets from a web application
  • Add the information in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Generate related invoices from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Process these invoices back to the web application

By doing what we we do best⁠—successfully implementing an RPA-driven digital workforce⁠—we’re helping another satisfied client build value through effective, efficient and reliable automation. Ready to find out what RPA can bring to your business? We’d love to talk.

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