Automate the processing of invoices by e-mail to streamline the entire purchase to pay chain

A major construction and infrastructure company received numerous emails containing various transactional documents and invoices. Previously, several employees had to classify these invoices manually, which was very time consuming. Ciphix implemented the Intelligent Mail Automation solution which recognises, classifies and delivers invoices automatically, saving valuable time in the process and reducing the need for manual intervention.

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Use Case: Intelligent Mail Automation

Intelligent Mail Automation allows you to streamline the process of recognising and classifying incoming invoices by mail. Then, the captured data is delivered to the appropriate budget holders or e-invoicing system for matching with purchase order, approval and payment. Saving valuable time of employees and optimising the entire process of e-invoicing.

Artificial Intelligence

Identify business opportunities to reach new levels of operational efficiency and maximise sales with Ciphix’s AI Solutions. We implement software robots with cognitive abilities to deliver real-world impact for your organisation.

Intelligent Mail Automation

Automate every single inbox to get rid of easy, repetitive and non-adding value tasks. Start automating processes like invoice processing from the moment documents and data enter the mailbox. Save time and integrate different systems and platforms for seamless processes.

“The smooth processing of invoices is an important part of the company’s purchase-to-pay environment. To start off with automated e-mail sorting and invoice processing is a big opportunity to increase operational efficiency”
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Unstructured e-mails containing invoices

Our client, a large construction and infrastructure company with various locations, had seven different mailboxes for receiving invoices and transaction documents. For instance, the company frequently receives e-mails with multiple invoices in PDF, bank statements and reminders for payment. In order to be classified, all these documents were collected and reviewed manually. Next, the documents were distributed to the relevant e-invoicing systems. The entire process was not only time consuming but also lacked a consistent workflow. As a consequence, there was a lot of pressure on the invoice processing timeline – and on the relationships with suppliers.


Automate the classifying and processing of incoming invoices

Ciphix’ Intelligent Mail Automation consists of artificial intelligence tools that give organisations the opportunity to automatically collect, sort, classify and distribute incoming e-mail messages. In this case, the solution was built to recognize invoices and process them in accordance with a predefined workflow. Fully automated, without any human interference.

First of all, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) model is used to categorise the incoming emails based on the email data such as the subject line and body text. By applying a second AI model, data points such as the supplier’s name or account number are recognised and extracted from the email. Additionally, attachments can be read, though the use of an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine, and classified per document type. This specific client receives PDF’s containing multiple invoices that need to be recognised and classified.

In the end, Intelligent Mail Automation guarantees a smooth purchase to pay process, eliminates time-consuming manual tasks and ensures high quality invoice processing. Employees can put all their efforts in dealing with exceptions, process optimisation and innovation.

Interested in automating but don’t know where to start? The Ciphix Digital Workforce Journey is here to help –  learn more about how it can support you and your organisation on the road to automation success.


Advantages of our solution

Eliminates manual steps in processing invoices
Saves time, ensuring quality of process
Establishes consistent way of working
Highly scalable, capable of managing high volumes

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