Hours of self-employed workers are automatically entered into the correct system

By implementing an RPA solution with Ciphix, an HR service provider was able to successfully automate a tedious and repetitive time-sheet entry process. Now, our client is able to focus more on their core business – helping their clients find the best temporary employees in the market.

2 weeks delivery time

Use case: Automating the processing of time sheets

The Ciphix digital assistant powered by RPA technology has the ability to extract the time-sheets, validate the data, and upload the relevant data points to the financial environment to process payroll. Automation of such a process not only saves times but also eliminates the likelihood of errors during data entry.

Robotic Process Automation
RPA technology allows anyone to configure computer software or develop a robot to automate manual tasks. Give employees the freedom to focus on doing what they do best. Opt for software robots powered by RPA & AI and implemented by Ciphix. Transfer your repetitive, manual tasks to digital assistants.


“Frequently recurring and administrative actions are fully automated with RPA. The daily process of collecting timesheets and processing them in Navision and then matching them with the customer’s invoice is fully automated. This saves the organisation a huge amount of time.”
Timesheets per month
Minutes spent on each timesheet
Digital Assistant implemented
Hours saved each month

Manual validation process

Each day, the HR service team was tasked with retrieving employee time-sheets from a client portal and then entering them into Microsoft Navision. The team verified various items such as: employee number, name, hours worked and if the hours were registered as ‘regular.’

After the validating the data, the team had to enter the hours worked by each employee into the ERP and the appropriate accounting package. Employees were found in the system using first and last name; if there was more than one result, the correct employee was found using a project code. Finally, the amounts and invoice numbers were connected to the client portal so the invoice reflects the hours worked.

In total, this process involves about 400 time-sheets each month. On average, the HR service team spent 3.5 minutes on each item. The challenge was to automate this process so the HR service provider could spend more time supporting their clients.

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Meet your new Digital Assistant

After careful analysis of the existing process, Ciphix developed a digital assistant powered by RPA technology which effectively automated each step. The analysis involved uncovering the details of each step: Which data is needed from the PDF? How do you navigate to the right section in Navision? How do you integrate data from the source to the final destination?

Ultimately, all steps were fully automated with the UiPath RPA technology. 

Fortunately, Ciphix had previously worked with this HR service provider to automate many process steps in Navision. This was an important advantage: a large part of this digital assistant was already developed, which shortened the lead time considerably. For this particular use case, it meant that only the extraction of data and link to the financial environment needed to be automated. Read more about starting your own corporate RPA movement.

In this case, the digital assistant automated a relatively time-consuming and tedious task. Our solution helped the HR service provider focus more on adding value to their clients, while reducing their time spent on administrative tasks and reducing manual error rates.

Interested in automating but don’t know where to start? The Ciphix Digital Workforce Journey is here to help, learn more about how it can support you and your organisation on the road to automation success.


Advantages of our solution

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Elimination of manual work
Reduce risk of data entry errors
Saving the valuable time of employees
Optimise ability to handle peak periods

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