Ciphix & Mentha deepdive

We recently announced our partnership with private equity investor Mentha, where there has been a lot of excitement and coverage of this great development. In this article, Koen (Chief Executive Officer) and Marijn (Chief Strategy Officer) look ahead: what does this partnership mean for Ciphix’s customers and what value does Mentha add?

May 2023
What was the strategic rationale behind the partnership between Mentha and Ciphix?

Ciphix has built a very nice portfolio of customers in recent years. Thanks to our collaboration with customers, Ciphix has improved and expanded its services and technology partnerships across many industries. As a result, this has led us to a focus on Hyperautomation. 


Marijn: “I notice that this focus also creates a certain expectation among customers, such as higher quality, more expertise and seniority. To meet these expectations, we want to accelerate in the following areas: attracting experienced staff, working more intensively with technology partners and focus on acquiring parties that, like us, are active in the Hyperautomation market and are complementary to Ciphix”. Through the partnership with Mentha these aspirations become a reality. 

What differentiated Mentha as a suitable partner to merge with compared to others?

Koen: “Mentha has a good and broad track record, including the technology sector. This convinced us that we could take the right steps together. Equally important for us is the click on a personal level. Since its foundation, Ciphix has been built on a number of core values, which has led to a very nice and close-knit culture. We definitely want to keep it that way and Mentha fully supports this”. 


What synergies do Mentha and Ciphix bring to the table through the merger?

Koen: “Several. To start with, Mentha extends their network, knowledge and experience for building sustainable organisations, which we are already benefiting from. They have also conducted extensive research into the Hyperautomation market over the past 1.5 years. Such as the various players operating in it and the growth opportunities. This combined with our expertise and knowledge of the market is going to help us immensely in making decisions in the coming period.”


What is in it for Ciphix’s clients?

Marijn: “A few weeks back I had lunch with one of our clients and pretty soon we got the question and feedback: “But, what’s in it for us?” The main impact for clients is a wider range of technologies. Such as Low-code applications, Integration (iPaas), Process Mining and more expertise around Hyperautomation strategy, governance and use cases. By attracting the right knowledge and experience, we will improve the quality and speed of our implementations. Customers will notice this immediately.”

What can you expect in the near future?

Marijn: “Ciphix will mainly continue what it was already doing, but at a faster pace. Our focus still lies on making customers happy by pursuing our mission: take the robot out of the human. We want to invite our customers, partners and anyone interested to join us at our annual event on June 1st – save the date!”. To register for the event, you can sign up here.


Koen: “The most important thing for us, after this announcement, is to regain focus on the goals we recently set – maintaining the position as Hyperautomation Specialists in Europe. So in addition, we will focus on attracting experienced staff, working more intensively with technology partners and focus on acquiring parties who, like us, are active in the Hyperautomation market and complementary to Ciphix.”

In short, this step is not only a strategic one – it’s paramount to our success. We want to thank our clients and partners for the support and we look forward to what this year will bring us. To stay up to date with our latest news and developments, be sure to follow us on Linkedin!
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