UiPath RPA helps processing escalation clauses in sales contracts

The Finance & Accounting department of our client lost a lot of valuable hours to manually processing escalation clauses in sales contracts. We offer an RPA solution that automates the processing of these escalation clauses, returning the lost hours which now are spent on more engaging work. As a result, employees enjoy a reduced workload and increased satisfaction.
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Use case: Inclusion of the Escalation Clause

Employees working in the Finance & Accounting department of a large aviation company were frequently requested to execute an escalation clause in sales contracts. Including such a clause in a contract translated into performing multiple steps manually. First, the escalation clause is copied into an excel sheet where all related data in SAP are adjusted. This step is followed by writing a letter to update the client. Before completing the process, a business controller must sign the adjusted sheets and client letter. When approved, the employee is allowed to email the signed letter to the client.

This entire process is highly repetitive and the steps require not only a lot of time but attention to detail as well. An error or mistake in calculation can lead to worrying consequences, such as incorrectly updated prices or dates in the contracts. Our client realized that they needed to evolve from the manually performed task and into something more automated and efficient, and this is where Ciphix came in.

Months to ROI
Hours saved annually
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Error reduction

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We helped our client by creating an UiPath-based RPA solution, which automates the escalation of all specified contracts and creates a report with all successfully processed items. Operational employees can turn to their robot colleague whenever an escalation of contracts is needed. The robot then performs the following steps:

  • Extract the contracts from SAP or the customer support manager
  • Adjust prices and dates of the contracts in Excel and SAP
  • Write a reporting letter to the client
  • Send a draft version of the adjusted contract and letter to the business controller
  • After approval, send the signed letter by email to customer

Now that the robot is deployed, 90% of the process is automated and over 1445 hours are saved on a yearly basis! Moreover, due to the standardized way of working of the RPA robot, we achieved a 90% error reduction. With the robots executing the mundane, repetitive steps, the employees of the Finance & Accounting department can shift their focus to more engaging and fulfilling tasks.

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