RPA realising real-time processing of mails in Microsoft Dynamics

Constantly monitoring a mailbox just to be in time when an email arrives? That indeed sounds like a task that should not be handled by a human employee, but can better be outsourced to a digital workforce. We have implemented an RPA-based solution that handles employee requests for our client (a secondment company) immediately, so that their own employees can focus on more value-adding tasks.

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Use case: Constantly monitoring the mailbox

Our client, a secondment company, has hundreds of employees posted at various customer organisations. The company regularly receives requests from existing or potential customer organisations for an employee. It is often the case that time is pressuring when a company sends out a request for an employee. Our client was in search of a solution that would be able to handle employee requests immediately, without constantly monitoring the mailbox for requests.

This problem is an excellent example where RPA could offer a more effective solution, as the process is rule-based, repetitive and is able to run in the background.

Months to ROI
Hours saved annually
Faster processing times
Of effort automated

Our solution: RPA increases rapidness by 200%

Ciphix was brought in to automate the process. Using RPA technology, a digital workforce was created with one goal: to fully automate the process without any human interference. The result? A robot that offers real-time email processing. The following tasks are performed by the RPA-driven robot:

  • Check the mailbox constantly in a background process;
  • Read emails;
  • Store all relevant requests into Microsoft Dynamics NAV

By constantly monitoring the mailbox, each request is processed significantly faster compared to an employee handling this task manually. The robot thereby saves over 840 hours on a yearly basis and the rapidness of executing this task has increased 200%

Our RPA robot offers a solution that is effective, efficient and reliable. Employees at the secondment company are no longer bound to constantly monitoring the mailbox, but can focus on more relevant tasks.

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