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RPA automates entry of promotional activities in SAP

The Sales & Marketing department creates or adjusts approximately 400-500 promotion activities in SAP on a yearly base. This is a highly repetitive task and very time-consuming. We implemented an RPA solution that automates the entry of these promotional activities. As a result, employees can spend more time on value-adding tasks.

Use case

We were challenged by the Sales & Marketing department of a FMCG company to automate the entry of promotional activities in SAP. Each year, employees create or adjust approximately 400-500 promotional activities in SAP. When creating a new promotional activity, information is added to various fields in SAP. Think of general customer data as well as more specific data such as promotion dates (buy-in, post-dip), condition types (describing the type of promotion) and the volume and trade spending’s. Unfortunately, promotional activities are subject to change. These changes happen frequently and irregularly throughout the year. As a consequence, employees spend a lot of time on correcting existing promotional activities in SAP.

This process is highly repetitive and very time-consuming. Employees navigate through many pages in SAP and spend a significant part of their time typing promotion details into various fields. In addition, frequently adjusting or correcting these promotional activities is a non-value adding activity which is prone to human errors. As a result, some of the promotional activities carry mistakes or are not present in SAP at all.


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Our solution

To automate the entry of promotional activities in SAP, a digital workforce was created using RPA technology. Our goal was to fully automate the process and create a standardized and sustainable solution that is less sensitive to human error. Our robot was built to perform the following steps:

  • Check which promo forms in Excel should be processed
  • Create a new promotion activity in SAP
  • Enter data (customer data, promotion dates etc.) from the Excel form into SAP
  • Save the promotion activity in SAP
  • Send email with status report to Sales & Marketing department

After deployment of the robot, 100% of the process is automated and over 441 hours are saved on a yearly basis. Due to the standardized way of working of the RPA robot, we achieved a 100% error reduction.

Our RPA robot is effective, efficient and reliable. Workers can stop wasting time on repetitive entries in SAP and refocus on work that matters.

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