Processing returned letters with the help of RPA

Letters containing wrong details, such as an incorrect address, eventually end up back at the sender. Our client, an insurance company, experienced this as well: letters arriving in high frequency that have to be reprocessed in order to be sent again. Previously done manually, this process took up a significant amount of time. However, now that Ciphix presented an RPA solution that is able to automate the process, 376 hours are saved annually!

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Use case: Processing returned letters

Whenever a letter cannot be sent due to an incorrect address or a mistake in the customer details, it is returned to the Customer Service department of our client, an insurance company. Everyday, employees direct their time towards reprocessing these letters. This process entails finding the correct address and the right customer details, for example by searching through other contracts of this person. If the address is still not available, employees try to contact the customer through email or phone.

As these letters are returned in large numbers on a daily basis, employees describe reprocessing the letters as time-consuming and repetitive. Employees need to navigate through multiple applications and spend quite some time trying to contact the customer.

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Our solution: A software robot to support the human workforce

Ciphix was challenged to automate the task of processing returned letters. By developing a digital workforce, we have succeeded in presenting an automated solution to our client. Our RPA-driven robot flawlessly automates the process and is easily integrated into the existing working environment. The following steps are performed by our robot:

  • Open Switch and ImagineNow
  • Extract inactive return letter from ImagineNow
  • Retrieve client information from letter
  • Select customer in Switch
  • If available, search for address in other contracts and change the incorrect address
  • If not available, remove the incorrect address and email the customer
  • Add phone number to calling database in case email address was not found

Since we deployed the robot, 100% of the process has been automated; saving over 376 hours on a yearly basis! Ciphix presented an effective, efficient and reliable solution and, as a result, our client’s employees are able to focus on more value-adding tasks again.

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