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How Conversational AI benefits home office workers

COVID-19 has forced employees of the City of Amsterdam to work from home. This has led to the rapid adoption of software like Microsoft Teams for communication purposes. However, the quick transformation towards new application resulted in a variety of challenges. Ciphix developed Adam, the MS Teams chatbot of the City of Amsterdam.

Use Case

The switch to work from home has led to some unique challenges for employees. All physical meetings were canceled and rescheduled to be digital meetings only via the use of MS Teams. However, the creation of a digital meeting environment has proven to be a big hurdle. Every meeting has to be requested and approved manually. This results in employees having to work full time to handle this high demand of requests.

Besides that, HR workers are spending a lot of time answering the same general questions about MS Teams day after day. Since technological savviness is highly variable between workers of City of Amsterdam, a lot of employees had a barrage of questions. Questions that could almost all be automated.


Applied technologies

Conversational Automation


Conversations monthly


Digital meeting rooms booked daily


Saved annually by handling meeting requests alone


Messages sent on average in a single conversation

Our Solution

Since a typical day can yield over 600 meeting requests, a digital assistant needed to be built that could handle a large number of requests at once. The interaction should be simple for the employee doing the request and no human should be needed to approve the request. Besides that we needed general FAQ questions to be answered so HR workers could spend their time in other ways. Ciphix developed a virtual assistants that has the following features:

  • Schedule a meeting for employees via e-mail for a specific timespan
  • Instantly create a meeting room that can be shared with other employees
  • Automatically puts guests outside of City of Amsterdam in a waiting room
  • Answers Microsoft Teams specific questions

Since Adam handles over 3000 appointments a week, this implementation frees at least 1 FTE annually. Besides this, Adam answers 100% of all Microsoft Teams questions, therefore creating more time for HR workers to spend their time in different ways. 

Adam has become an integral part of the working at home experience for employees of the City of Amsterdam. It has ensured that creating an online meeting is quick and easy. There is no waiting for approval. Therefore less time is lost and employees can focus on the work that truly matters.

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