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How Conversational AI Benefits Home Office Workers

COVID-19 has forced employees across the globe to work from home. The resulting demand for remote communication solutions has led to the rapid uptake of software like Microsoft Teams. However, the speed at which organizations have needed to adopt new applications has produced various challenges, including an increase in administrative tasks. To overcome this problem, Ciphix developed Adam, a digital assistant and chatbot for MS Teams.

AI Digital Assistant for Remote Working: A Use Case

Although the switch to working from home has been convenient for some, it’s also brought unique challenges. By canceling physical meetings and rescheduling them as video calls, companies have produced a huge workload for their employees.

On MS Teams, somebody must request and approve every meeting manually, resulting in a full-time workload for the person handling the high volume of requests.

Additionally, HR workers now spend a lot of time answering repetitive, generic questions about MS Teams. Since technological savviness within companies varies, many employees have an endless stream of questions — and most of them can be answered through automation.

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Our Solution

With the above problems in mind, Ciphix developed an AI assistant that met some simple criteria.

Since a typical day consists of over 600 meeting requests, the digital assistant must handle a large number of requests at once. The interaction should be simple for the employee making the request, and the approval process shouldn’t require any input from humans. Also, the assistant should be able to answer general questions about MS Teams, freeing up HR workers’ time.

The result was a virtual assistant called Adam, which can:

  • Schedule a meeting for employees via e-mail for a specific timespan
  • Instantly create a meeting room that can be shared with other employees
  • Automatically put guests outside of the organization in a waiting room
  • Answer specific Microsoft Teams questions

Since Adam handles over 3000 appointments a week, its implementation frees at least over 2000 productive hours per year — and that doesn’t include the time saved by answering Microsoft Teams questions.

Adam has become an integral part of the remote working experience for organizations that have used it. By making online meetings quicker and easier, Adam lets employees focus on the work that truly matters to them, increasing productivity and benefitting the organization as a whole.

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