Flawless and automatic price updates in SAP

A global supplier of solutions & systems for the food processing industry was searching for a more efficient way to process and check current prices for spare parts. Ciphix effectively automated this operation with a tailor-made RPA solution.
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Use case: Automation of price updating

RPA (Robotic Process Automation), allows you to easily assign simple, “rule-based” tasks to a digital workforce. In this case, an RPA powered digital assistant totally automates the spare parts price updating process – entering new prices directly in SAP and informing relevant stakeholders once complete.

Automation of existing processes is a starting point on the Digital Workforce Journey for many of our clients. Implementing just one digital assistant has the power to transform your ways of working and save your organisation hundreds of hours per year. Learn more about what RPA is and how it differs from AI.

Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation, explained simply, is an application of technology which allows any user to easily instruct a machine to complete manual tasks. This automation software is taught to follow a workflow to emulate human action and handle a high volume of low value, repetitive work. In this way, RPA is able to totally transform business back offices.

“Frequently recurring and administrative actions are fully automated with RPA. The daily process of adjusting prices is fully automated, as is the sending of emails to relevant stakeholders. A subject matter expert: ‘My job will change a lot, but I am really looking forward to freeing up time for tasks that add more value.'”
New prices each day
Digital assistant
Hours saved each year

Manual price entry into SAP

Our client, a major supplier of machinery, systems and software for the food processing industry, supports supply chain management with SAP business applications. As part of the supply chain, a dedicated team determines the prices for spare parts. This involves approximately 50 to 100 new price levels every day. When the sales price is defined, a team member uploads this price in SAP. Updating the price in SAP and informing the relevant stakeholders was always done manually, taking about five minutes per transaction.

The client wanted to optimize this time-consuming and repetitive process – and brought in Ciphix to develop a digital assistant to fully automate the operation.

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Your new Digital Assistant

To automate the process, Ciphix developed a digital assistant powered by RPA technology:

  • The digital assistant opens a sales order, selects the right information and updates the base price (including all relevant feedback in the price run comment).
  • If the oldest item open exceeds a set date, the digital assistant adjusts it directly in SAP – without human intervention.
  • When the last item has been updated and stored, the digital assistant automatically navigates to the next sales order, selects the right material and updates the price as in a normal flow.
  • Once all items are complete, the digital assistant enters key data into an email and sends to relevant stakeholders.
  • Finally, it sends an email with all updated prices to the Global Pricing team.

The digital assistant completes each transaction in approximately 1.5 minutes – saving 3.5 minutes per transaction. Meaning a crucial (and previously manual) part of the supply chain management is fully automated.

In addition to this process, Ciphix has used RPA solutions to automate other key processes for this client. By integrating digital assistants and employees, the organisation has laid a strong foundation to embark on a Digital Workforce Journey – supported by Ciphix every step of the way.


Advantages of our solution

Eliminate error-prone manual tasks
Save valuable time in the back-office
Employees shift focus to process optimisation

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