Achieving 6x faster, error-free payment verification with UiPath RPA

When a payment exceeds a certain threshold, our client’s Accounts Payable team must verify it to ensure accuracy—a time-consuming process that is not only repetitive but also prone to human error. We implemented a digital workforce that automates payment verification in SAP, preventing errors while freeing employees from manual tasks.

3 weeks delivery time

Use case: An error-prone payment verification process

The Accounts Payable department at a major airline company is responsible for processing outgoing payments. When a payment exceeds €50.000, an employee needs to perform an in-depth verification process called a CDD check. The employee first generates a payment report from SAP, then extracts the corresponding invoice from FuelPlus and another company-specific application. Completing the verification requires checking the bank account information and numerous other details for accuracy.

Such a high amount of employee involvement made the verification process sensitive to human error—and with even a small mistake coming with an expensive price tag, our client needed a fast, reliable way to cut this risk out of the equation.

Months to ROI
Hours saved anually
Increased number of checks
Faster execution time

Our solution: RPA ensures accuracy and efficiency every step of the way

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an ideal solution to eliminate errors in repetitive, detail-focused processes like payment verification. Following a deep dive into our client’s specific needs, Ciphix developed a custom-built robot to automate payment verification and CDD checks in SAP. This digital employee gets to work at 06:00 AM, executing the following tasks on a daily basis:

  • Extract payment report from SAP
  • Search for PDF invoices in multiple applications that match the payment
  • Save invoices to a folder and write the process report

Our client can now count on 100% accuracy every time, with significantly less employee time and effort. Since our client “hired” their digital employee, the payment verification process is completed 6 times faster and saves over 700 hours per year. As a result, the Accounts Payable department can spend their time in a more efficient way and on more value-adding tasks

We offer a custom-built solution for each of our clients that is effective, efficient and reliable. Are you ready to optimize your organization through RPA and AI? We’d love to talk.

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