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Ciphix is leading the way to smarter automation by helping companies leverage the best of today’s RPA and Machine Learning technologies.

RPA and Artificial Intelligence
Better Together & Better For Your Business

Ciphix’s RPA and Artificial Intelligence solutions position businesses to thrive in the future of technology: one where digital workforces of “intelligent” software robots will play a key role in organizational success. We implement robust automation strategies that do more than prepare our clients for this new era – they put them miles ahead of the curve.

Rather than a single tool, we approach RPA as a set of complementary technologies that work together to support your business. By strategically integrating the capabilities of RPA and Artificial Intelligence – and partnering with UiPath, Google and other innovators to find the best ways to do it – we’re able to deliver solutions that are:


We’ll make sure your RPA solution is one that can grow in step with the changing pace, volume and nature of your business tasks.


Our solutions support your company’s long-term automation capabilities and your internal ability to leverage them to the fullest.


We fuse the best security practices into secure, state-of-the-art technology.

Governed and Compliant

Alongside our bottom-up, process-specific approach, we apply proven best practices to maximize the effectiveness of your solution.

Built By The Best - With The Best Ingredients

Because we partner with the world’s top technology companies - and build custom applications in-house when needed - each robot we deploy is guaranteed to be the perfect fit for the job.

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