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Insurance Company Uses RPA to Extend its Life Insurance Policies

Each month, insurance companies have to work out which life insurance policies are about to expire and extend them manually. It’s a repetitive and time-consuming task. At Ciphix, we’ve created a way to automate this process using RPA technology, which has improved processing times and boosted employee morale.

RPA in the Insurance Industry: A Use Case

Workers at a large insurance company have to spend a huge portion of their time extending life insurance policies on the cusp of expiring. They must check the policy’s current status, whether it needs to change, and report denied policies using an application called Quinity Insurance Solution (QIS). For the policies that are still in progress, workers have to check details such as the policy type and the client’s age before finally extending the policy for a year.

This process takes a lot of time. The QIS application is often slow to load, while the task itself requires many checks prone to human error. Over a few months, a significant number of policies require an extension, resulting in a repetitive and monotonous workload that causes employee dissatisfaction.


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Our Solution

Using RPA technology, we created a digital workforce to automate the process of extending life insurance policies. Our goal was to create a solution that minimized human error and reduced the workload of employees.

  • Check whether the policy needs to change
  • Verify the current status of the policy
  • Create a failure task in QIS
  • Look up client details (such as age or policy type)
  • Prolong the policy and create a task for next year

Our robot successfully automated 80% of the processes, saving over 3,000 hours of human labor a year. In addition to making processing times faster, reducing errors, and making cost savings, the RPA solution significantly increased employee morale.

We offer an effective, efficient, and reliable solution. As the use of RPA in the insurance industry increases, workers will be able to focus on work that matters instead of wasting time on manually prolonging life insurance policies.

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