How RPA enables faster and more accurate invoicing

Invoicing clients without a self-billing arrangement is a time-consuming process. We offer an RPA-based solution that automates this invoicing process. This reduces mistakes and frees up time for employees to focus on work that really matters.

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Use case: Invoicing clients

The administration department of an industrial service provider spends a significant part of its time on sending invoices to non-self-billing clients. This is a lengthy process which takes up about 10 minutes for each invoice. Workers have to manually enter all invoicing details in the system and search for the corresponding purchase orders and attachments. Once this is done, they can send the invoice via email to their client.

Not only is this process highly repetitive and time-consuming, preferences about the invoice also differ for each receiver. Some clients need a proforma invoice while others would like to receive a definitive invoice. The invoicing frequency can also vary from weekly to monthly. As you might expect, mistakes are easily made.  

Hours saved annually
Of effort automated
Error reduction
Weeks to implementation

Our solution: Faster and more accurate invoicing

We automated this non-self-billing invoicing process by creating a digital employee using UiPath RPA technology. The robot is designed to perform the following task:

  • Find the invoice type (proforma or definitive) and receiver (who must receive the email?)
  • Determine which invoice can be processed based on the preferred frequency
  • Fill in invoice details in system
  • Download and save files: purchase order, invoice and attachments
  • Merge all files to a single PDF
  • Send invoice including attachments to client

This solution enables the company to invoice their clients faster and more accurate with less chances of human error. It also saves over 600 hours on a yearly basis, which frees up time for employees to focus on other tasks instead.

Our solution is effective, efficient and reliable. Workers can stop wasting time on manually invoicing their clients and shift their focus on work that matters.


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