How a Real Estate company uses RPA to improve contract management

Processing new Real Estate lease contracts manually takes a great deal of time, especially when the contracts are based on free text and therefore unstructured. Ciphix delivered an RPA solution that automates 90% of the process while easily integrating with our client’s existing applications.

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The challenge: Processing unstructured contracts by hand

Poor contract management can have serious consequences, which is why our client, a Real Estate company, sought to optimize the process through automation. When a lease contract is processed at the Sales & Marketing department, employees manually create the new contract. These documents are based on free text, meaning that they are unstructured. The contract is then sent in a DocuSign envelope to the parties who need to sign. Finally, it is processed in two different software applications: Salesforce and a property management software. 

Filling out contracts by hand in an unstructured way causes inefficiencies and makes the process more prone to human error. The company approached Ciphix to help tackle these problems through automation. They needed a non-invasive RPA solution that would not only drive rapid results but also integrate with the tools they were already using.

Months to ROI
Annual hours saved
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Of effort automated

Our solution: RPA streamlines and standardizes contract processing

RPA technology is improving the way we work, and contract management is a perfect example. We developed an RPA-driven robot that automates the processing of contracts in a way that is standardized, sustainable and less sensitive to human error. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and other applications, allowing for quick deployment and ongoing ease of use. 

The following steps are now performed automatically:

  • Insert relevant data from the lease agreement into Salesforce
  • Generate DocuSign envelope containing the lease agreement
  • Wait for the digital signatures of the tenant and landlord
  • Set up the account for the tenant in the respective property management software

As a result of implementing this digital workforce, our client now saves over 300 hours of repetitive work on a yearly basis. 90% of the process is automated, maximizing speed and accuracy while contributing to a better work experience for employees.

Effective, efficient and reliable, our RPA and AI solutions have helped businesses across a wide range of industries achieve their goals. Get in touch, and let’s start working on your own automation success story.

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