‘How do I apply for a day off?’ ‘On what date is my salary paid out?’ ‘Which public holidays do we have?’ – Starting a new job is accompanied by plenty of practical questions. These questions, though necessary, can consume a considerable amount of time. Whatever department you work in – there generally are standard questions new colleagues ask. However, they stand in the way of colleagues doing other important work. The result? Inefficient work processes, underlying irritations and overall lower job satisfaction. 

Luckily, we live in the 21st century in which technological advancements have occurred exponentially and disrupted the status quo of how we handle and process tasks at work. We are committed to eliminating tedious and boring tasks from the daily grind by harnessing the power of technology to create sophisticated solutions. 

For some time now we have leveraged the cognitive abilities of ChatGPT to create our own advanced chatbots. We have used chatbot technology to address FAQs relating to internal policies, affairs and day to day HR related questions. We are excited about the capabilities that we’ve started projects for these advanced chatbots with our clients. 

So, how does it work?

Put simply, you can see it as a search engine combined with a chatbot. But there’s a twist – the need for a conversational analyst and designer has become obsolete. Meaning the overall time construction of such a solution is considerably less. The solution consists of multiple AI models; first the query is matched with your existing knowledge sources using a search/matching algorithm, next the relevant information is understood by the model behind ChatGPT, which generates an answer to the query.

So in the case of answering practical questions about how to submit a request for a day off, the colleague asks this question and the AI model will scan through the documents provided to it to extract the relevant information. This is then fed to the open-source ChatGPT model to formulate an answer. It is even possible to give the model a persona of some sort – easily created by an additional code of conduct for the solution to adhere to. For example, we can program the bot to always answer politely or finish with a joke. The model is completely customisable to the culture of your company. 

How is it different to other AI solutions?

What makes this model unique is the diversity of its applications. This technology has many abilities and adapts to the task you want performed. You provide the information, the model does the rest. And before you become sceptical about security and sensitive information, don’t worry, (data) security is our priority. Security is incorporated into all facets of the model which is extremely difficult to hijack. Furthermore you can divide domain access to different people – it’s completely customisable. Regarding ethics, the model has restrictions embedded from Open AI, and it’s possible to add more tailored to your organisation.

The customisability aspect adds additional value, as you gain insights into how to create and formulate your FAQs. These examples are starting points for possible data analysis or insights into where aspects are unclear in particular aspects or processes in your organisation. Furthermore, it’s possible to build upon these models with additional technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or integrations to further automate processes beyond the initial question. 


In short, there are a plethora of applications for advanced search engines for internal processes combined with ChatGPT technology. Because the AI-brain scans, collects and formulates answers based on intelligence the implementation of these chatbot is considerably faster.

Do you want to stay ahead of the curve and explore what this technology could do for your organisation?

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