Ciphix’s partnership with automation leader Enate takes the impact and scalability of RPA to new heights.

More minds are better than one when it comes to solving today’s RPA and AI challenges – and with our newest partnership, Ciphix has teamed up with one of the industry’s best. We’re thrilled to be working with Enate, whose advanced Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) platform helps organisations streamline and govern large-scale processes across digital, human and hybrid workforces. The ability to leverage Enate’s tools in our IT deployment solutions opens the door to even more robust RPA for our clients, creating new ways for people to use their time and skills to the fullest.

Founded by automation expert Kit Cox, Enate is a UK-based company that’s leading the next wave of RSO technology. Organisations around the world use Enate’s acclaimed platform to maximize efficiency within a wide range of business processes. Providing simple management and governance, and compatible with any type of AI algorithms, Enate makes an ideal next step for businesses seeking to expand their RPA capabilities.

Enabling RPA at scale

Enate answers a growing need among companies deploying RPA at scale: a case tracker tool capable of orchestrating many asynchronous activities. Competing with traditional Business Process Management (BPM) tools such Salesforce and Pega, Enate provides an end-to-end solution for monitoring, governing and optimizing the points where humans and robots interact. By facilitating these “user-exits” – tasks that require a human operator to approve, analyze or enhance data – Enate keeps employees in the loop while freeing them from automatable work.

Empowering the customer

In addition to deploying within weeks and delivering rapid ROI, Enate – like Ciphix – emphasizes long-term sustainability and ease of use. Their platform provides excellent control and visibility, empowering businesses to continue improving efficiency and scaling their RPA on an ongoing basis. Enate Dashboarding, which indicates tasks that are suitable to be robotized, makes another valuable asset in the RPA discovery process.

This technology is pushing the limits of what businesses can accomplish through automation, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer our clients access to it. We could go on about Enate’s game-changing platform and how it enhances our RPA and Machine Learning solutions, but we’d rather let you see for yourself.

Here’s to the start of an amazing partnership – and a world full of freer, happier humans. To learn more, read Enate’s press release or get in touch; we’d love to talk with you about leveling up your organisation’s RPA.