Google & Ciphix

Dialogflow and Contact Center AI solutions

Google Cloud provides the leading tools in terms of conversational automation technology: Google Dialogflow and Contact Center AI. Both of these tools have been created with the purpose of establishing a more efficient customer service. We are therefore proud to be called an official Google Cloud partner. By implementing lifelike chatbots with the help of these tools, we have been given the opportunity to help organizations improve their customers’ experience.

Contact Center AI – Google Cloud

Dialogflow is the cloud-based chatbot development platform provided by Google Cloud. It is a natural language understanding (NLU) service which makes creating chatbots accessible to everyone. It serves as a development tool to simplify building a chatbot, and also helps in creating a conversational user interface for any device or application. Dialogflow is able to understand user input, both in text and speech. Additionally, Dialogflow chatbots can respond to the end-user both in text and speech by means of a synthesized voice.

This platform is offered in two formats, one for larger or more complex processes (Dialogflow CX) and the other for simple, smaller processes (Dialogflow ES). Dialogflow ES is a great way to get familiar with chatbot technology. When you would like to expand your digital workforce, Dialogflow CX is offered to deploy more complex chatbots.

Contact Center AI – Google Cloud

Dialogflow is one of the pillars of Contact Center AI. It is a means to create a chatbot. Contact Center AI integrates the chatbot as such that it can understand and talk with the customer, but also interact with and aid the customer service employee to improve customer experience.

Why Ciphix as an implementation partner of Google Cloud technology?

As Ciphix, we aim to provide our customers with the most optimal solutions and have explored many ways to do so. We are an ambitious company with an eagerness to learn and evolve. In the past, we have successfully implemented Google Cloud tools for over X clients, 

Google FAQ

  • What is Google Cloud used for?

    Google Cloud is a platform which offers a web-interface and is used for data management, assessment and analysis. It also offers numerous services that can help with analyzing data, protecting data, and protecting customers from fraudulent activity. It is Google’s main platform for storing, managing and protecting data.

  • How do I implement Google Cloud?

    Implementing Google Cloud could be a handful if you are new to the software. Google offers a lot of documentation regarding the platform which can help you get started. If we can help your business with any questions regarding the implementation of Google Cloud, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

  • What is Dialogflow used for?

    Whenever you want to create a chatbot to relieve your customer service employees, Dialogflow can be used to develop a chatbot that assists in efficiently improving customer experience. It is used to optimize the customer service by creating a chatbot. 

  • Can I use Google Dialogflow for free?

    There are two different editions for Dialogflow. Dialogflow CX is the version which is recommended for larger or more complex processes. On the other hand, Dialogflow ES is offered for smaller, more simple processes. Dialogflow ES is also offered in a trial version which is free, although it expires in 12 months. For a more elaborate explanation on pricing we would like to refer you to Dialogflow pricing 

  • How do I use Google Dialogflow?

    Google Dialogflow is a Google Cloud Platform that allows you to create chatbots in the cloud. It is a web-based application and does not require any software installation.

  • Is Google Dialogflow a SaaS?

    Google’s servers host the Dialogflow platform, which means that you will not have to worry about infrastructure.  Creating a chatbot can be done through a web application and does not require any software or hardware maintenance.

  • Is Dialogflow a chatbot?

    Dialogflow is the software development platform that can be used to build a chatbot. It is not a chatbot in itself, but it is essential in creating one. It is a natural language understanding platform offered by Google Cloud and provides intuitive ways to build one.