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Dialogflow and Contact Center AI solutions

Contact Center AI – Google Cloud

Dialogflow is one of the pillars of Contact Center AI. It is a means to create a chatbot. Contact Center AI integrates the chatbot as such that it can understand and talk with the customer, but also interact with and aid the customer service employee to improve customer experience.

Why Ciphix as an implementation partner of Google Cloud technology?

As Ciphix, we aim to provide our customers with the most optimal solutions and have explored many ways to do so. We are an ambitious company with an eagerness to learn and evolve. In the past, we have successfully implemented Google Cloud tools for over X clients,

Google FAQ

Whenever you want to create a chatbot to relieve your customer service employees, Dialogflow can be used to develop a chatbot that assists in efficiently improving customer experience. It is used to optimize the customer service by creating a chatbot. 

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