In times of Corona, RPA is your best friend

Over the past months, Corona has damaged many business services and operations. Business disruptions can generate staggering amounts of workload putting extra pressure on your team during already difficult times. We all know stress is not an ingredient for creativity, the latter being indispensable when dealing with a crisis.

Transavia has been massively impacted by the consequences of the corona outbreak. Numerous flights have been cancelled or changed causing congestions in back office queue’s demanding timely attention. Transavia and Ciphix have started working together in good times – and when they’re in heavy weather, we are ready to help.

Transavia has several queues with rapidly increasing peaks of workload causing enormous pressure on operations. One can simply not prepare for those peaks when solely relying on a human workforce. With incredible speed we have onboarded a UiPath software robot joining the operations team.

10’o clock on a Thursday morning we’ve started with a kick-off and deep dive of the process. Luckily, Transavia has well documented work instructions and process flows – speeding up the design and architecture of their new digital colleague. Friday early evening (within 16 working hours) we’ve performed a User Acceptance Test (UAT) and the robot was ready to join the team, bringing a big relieve to the Transavia team.

One key benefit of RPA to emphasize is the incredibly rapid speed of implementation. Within 16 hours we have gone from kick-off to deployment. And from thereon, your organization will benefit from unlimited scalability at hand. When you have robotized a business process, you can give it to as many robots as you need. After only one execution of your robotic process, you can already see your average handling time per queue item. Through these key metrics in UiPath Orchestrator, you can quickly determine how fast you can reduce your workload and slash through old stacks of work.

We have dealt with countless processes where repetitive high-volume tasks caused a large backlog of work. RPA can help you optimize these processes – essentially taking out the waste – but above all finish your uncompleted lists of work.

Are you dealing with processes that carry a huge backlog of uncompleted work? Hop on a call with us and see if software robots can help.