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Identify business opportunities to reach new levels of operational efficiency and maximize sales with Ciphix’s AI Solutions. We implement software robots with cognitive abilities to deliver real-world impact for your organization.

Identify business opportunities to reach new levels of operational efficiency and maximize sales with Ciphix’s AI Solutions. We implement software robots with cognitive abilities to deliver real-world impact for your organization.

What Could Artificial Intelligence Do For Your Business?

Artificial intelligence (or AI) has been revolutionizing the way businesses operate for years now… and yet leaps in automation technology have recently taken AI to new levels. These days, AI can be used for a variety of things that were previously unimaginable. In terms of effectiveness and usability, AI has never been better and, equally, there has never been a better time to implement AI into your business.

For a business looking into AI, a key area of interest will be Machine Learning. Machine Learning is a type of AI that enables applications to learn from data and become more accurate over time. As a result of this, Machine Learning is the perfect partner for RPA.

It allows you to utilize a decision-making “brain” that expands robotic capabilities while further increasing the efficiency of operations. AI algorithms enable digital workforces to handle more complex tasks than RPA alone. Machine Learning is used for example in Document AI Solutions to allow you to automate manual tasks by making large amounts of unstructured data easier to understand. In short, AI enables businesses to accelerate beyond their competition.

Our process

How We Boost RPA Solutions With Artificial Intelligence

When RPA is paired with AI, it is not only structured processes but unstructured ones that can be automated based on data. With that said, it is data that powers Machine Learning and the more of it your robots can leverage, the better decisions they can make. With our expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Document AI Solutions, we allow you to make the best use of your data to boost your efficiency and customer experience. We are your partner for the implementation and maintenance of tailored AI and RPA solutions, working together with the cutting-edge software partners.

Without Artificial Intelligence:

Any enterprise automation process can be defined according to three main steps:

With Artificial Intelligence:

However, businesses who leverage AI – making the most of all the data available to them – are able to add prediction as a new step into the sequence.

Faster Implementation With Google

When it’s not necessary to build AI models from scratch, we often leverage Google Cloud’s advanced solutions to rapidly design and implement Machine Learning. Google Cloud integrates natively with software robots and makes a value-building addition to our arsenal of AI tools.



What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence For Businesses?

Grow Your Business Strategically With Big Data

AI allows you to grow your business by taking large sets of data and producing actionable insights and solutions for you to implement. With AI, you’re able to easily identify business opportunities and leads based and maximize your sales opportunities.

Reach New Levels Of Operational Efficiency

By boosting RPA with Machine Learning, which can work with data that changes in real time, your business is able to reach optimal levels of efficiency. This AI-driven solution to the problem of high volume manual work also ensures that no errors are made.

Supercharge Customer Experience

Not only does AI allow you to make faster and more accurate decisions, but it brings you closer to your customer’s preferences and allows you to improve your customer’s experience. With a bot’s ability to use past data to recommend quick solutions to users, the impact of AI on customer service can also be huge.

Frequently asked questions about Artificial Intelligence

  • What is Artificial Intelligence/AI?

    Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is a type of computer science which enables smart machines to handle tasks that usually require human intelligence. Despite its artificial nature, the mission behind AI is to further human advancements; within the field of business particularly, AI can prove extremely beneficial and it has, so far, been responsible for major transformations globally.

  • How does AI work?

    AI takes large amounts of data and applies an intelligent algorithm in order to pick up on patterns and gear solutions towards perception and thinking type behaviors as well as action. AI can be powered by deep learning, machine learning or another, simpler set of rules. Artificial Intelligence is able to mimic human intelligence providing decision making solutions. Artificial intelligence solutions can also be layered with cloud computing to enable businesses to manage insights from a large volume of data, to optimize workflow and more. AI is also used to boost cloud computing services in a number of ways.

  • Why is AI used in business?

    There are several reasons why AI might be used in business. The capacity of artificial intelligence to work with huge amounts of data makes it ideal for sales forecasting, employee candidate screening and more. Along with the way in which it compliments Robotic Process Automation, AI can work alongside other technologies to boost functionality. Conversational software, like Siri for example, could not exist without artificial intelligence.

  • What is deep learning?

    Deep learning is an artificial intelligence function that imitates the human brain in its ability to process data, spot patterns and make decisions. Deep learning intelligence continues to get “smarter” based on the more data it has to work with and, as a result, has a wide variety of real world applications. One only has to look at the effects of deep learning on trading within financial services to see an example of how it can revolutionize an industry.

  • What is the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

    The future of artificial intelligence is a much talked about topic. As artificial intelligence becomes even more intelligent, experts predict that our interactions with it will be more frequent and more complex. For example, artificial intelligence will be able to work alongside humans to solve problems in real time. Experts also predict that AI and cloud computing will merge in order to provide a more holistic system, allowing businesses to streamline their AI projects and achieve even greater things! The one thing that is clear, above all else, is that artificial intelligence is not going away. Businesses that adopt AI solutions find themselves in a great position to tackle the challenges of the 21st Century.

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