Ciphix welcomes Bizzomate:
A powerful combination for Hyperautomation

We are proud to announce the acquisition of Bizzomate, a company renowned for its expertise in developing low-code applications using Mendix. This move positions Ciphix as the market leader in Mendix app development.

Bizzomate employs 75 people, spread across Schiphol, Dordrecht, and Valkenburg, brings a wealth of experience and a strong company culture that mirrors our own. Just like Ciphix, they prioritise technological excellence and foster a positive work environment with a seasoned leadership team.

But the similarities go beyond business. At Bizzomate, making a social impact is an integral part of their DNA, aligning perfectly with our own values. Years ago, they recognized the importance of employee well-being and appointed a dedicated Happiness Officer. This commitment to people is further underscored by Anne van der Heide, who will be joining our leadership team.

Why Bizzomate?

You might be curious about the rationale behind acquiring another low-code app company. 

Marijn, our Chief Strategy Officer, dives deeper into this strategic decision:

“We have learned from our customers that low-code app development is a perfect start for a hyperautomation journey. Ciphix has witnessed firsthand, through our app team in Amsterdam, how quickly new opportunities can emerge for customers. 

Together with Bizzomate’s expertise we become the leader in Mendix app development which is complementary to the technology partnerships we currently have. We believe in a best of breed and highly respect the IT landscape choices of our customers.”

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Shared values, Shared success

Koen (CEO) emphasises the importance of cultural alignment:

“Just like us, Bizzomate fosters a vibrant work environment. We learned that beyond their dedication to their clients, they also enjoy celebrating successes together and share a passion for social impact. 

With Ciphix we already organise hackathons, marathons and other activities to contribute to society, but Bizzomate takes it a step further, integrating social impact into their weekly activities. 

We believe that by pushing our technological leadership and developing our company culture even more, our impact on customers and society will increase rapidly.”

A team of experts

Bizzomate brings an experienced and seasoned team, including strong leadership, to the Ciphix family. This is a significant advantage in the current competitive job market.

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Looking forward: A collaborative future

We are incredibly excited to embark on this journey together with Bizzomate. By combining our expertise, fostering collaboration, and learning from each other, we will unlock even greater potential to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional service to our clients.

About Ciphix

Ciphix is a frontrunning Hyperautomation specialist, dedicated to transforming businesses through cutting-edge automation technologies. With a robust portfolio that includes RPA, AI, and iPaaS solutions, Ciphix empowers organisations to achieve digital excellence and operational efficiency.

About Bizzomate

Bizzomate is a leading Low-code firm with a strong reputation for innovation and excellence in app development. As a platinum Mendix partner, Bizzomate offers mature and impactful solutions, contributing significantly to the Low-code landscape.

Want to know more about Mendix? Check out our partner page.

“Both Ciphix and Bizzomate are companies that strongly believe in paying attention to people, and we look forward to combining our strengths to become one amazing Great Place to Work.”

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