Ciphix & Workato

Workato: A platform for integration & workflow automation

Workato is a global platform which allows organisations to automate business workflows across clouds and apps. Workato is making automation and integration more accessible with their ‘recipes’ for automation which their partners, like Ciphix, can use to support clients more efficiently. Through Workato, we are able to integrate existing technologies and API’s with 1.000+ applications using Workato’s automation platform.

Workato: what is it and how does it work?

The Workato platform allows users to create ‘recipes’ which simplifies the automation process – making it easier for us to deliver low-code automations to our customers. 

See what’s cooking: Explore Workato’s automation recipes 

The platform offers a pre-set flow which helps build the recipe. The recipes are built by selecting the starting point > choosing an application > selecting a connection > choosing a specific trigger > choosing the tasks to automate > testing to ensure the recipe works as expected. It sounds simple and it is – the Workato platform has the power to automate across platforms and connect various applications.

Workato: Revolutionising automation accessibility 

Workato is a self-service integration platform which provides a clear and guided approach to automation – advancing through an active community which helps build, simplify and design recipes to automate both simple and complex workflows. Workato works with integration ‘recipes,’ using triggers and actions which work across applications. Workato offers connectors to over 1.000 applications including Salesforce, Slack, Workday, Zendesk, DocuSign, Microsoft Suite, Oracle and many more! The application connectors are designed to automate countless business processes to help your organisation thrive – by building better relationships with your customers, saving time spent on data processing, increasing productivity of your workforce, enriching leads – just to name a few advantages of integrating across your business applications and automating your workflows. Data within your applications becomes enriched by being connected to data across your applications.

Why Ciphix as a partner of Workato?

Ciphix and Workato have been partners since 2022. Together, we are enthusiastic about the opportunities to deliver meaningful support to our clients. Workato is an ideal partner for Ciphix as they support us on our mission to take the robot out of human – through their easy-to-use platform and helpful recipes with offer low-code automation solutions.

Being an implementation partner of Workato, Ciphix integrates and bridges the gap between automation and integration. By developing virtual employees, we take the robot out of the human and these employees ‘need’ applications in order to automate tasks and processes. With extra integration capability through Workato, we are able to make automation on and integrations between applications even more seamless.