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Webflight is now Ciphix!

As per January 2024 Webflight will operate under the name Ciphix. With the ever changing technology landscape, Ciphix made the strategic decision to acquire Webflight, a low-code specialists based in Amsterdam. With this move, we elevate our offerings to offer high quality low-code solutions to our hyperautomation solutions

What does this mean for you?

Since Ciphix was founded, a clear mission has been at the forefront: ‘take the robot out of the human’. With this ambition, Ciphix has experienced rapid growth in just five years, resulting in a company with 65 employees and a customer base of more than 60 active mid-market and corporate organisations. This acquisition is another step in achieving this mission. Now with 100 employees strong, Ciphix has taken a big step towards becoming the leading European hyperautomation partner.


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