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UiPath: Leading RPA software provider

Discover efficiency improvements & streamline business processes with UiPath

Using UiPath saves time and effort; it streamlines all your processes. UiPath uncovers efficiencies and provides insights that make the path to digital transformation fast and cost-effective. It leverages existing systems to minimize disruption. In addition, UiPath makes work more manageable and interesting for your employees. By automating tasks, your teams can spend their time on work that is more valuable and requires creativity. More than 200 ready-made components in the UiPathGO!

Marketplace give your employees more time in less time. UiPath robots improve compliance by precisely following the process that meets your standards. Reporting follows your robots, so documentation is always at your fingertips. Last but not least, as robots handle tasks, teams have their hands free to provide additional service to your most important customers. By standardizing processes, your results become more efficient and effective.

UiPath software: what is it and how does it work?

The software that UiPath facilitates consists of 3 parts: UiPath Studio, UiPath Robot and UiPath Orchestrator. Together, these 3 parts are used to create, integrate and control software robots. UiPath is an environment in which RPA workflows are designed intuitively; it is also an on-premise solution for data-entry and process automation. UiPath was designed for companies of each scale. With the solutions that UiPath bring, users can create, implement and control automation in business processes.

UiPath: the world’s largest RPA software company

UiPath is one of the fastest growing software vendors in the world and was the first platform in the world to introduce hyper-automation. UiPath started in 2005 as a small software company with only 10 employees, and is now a leading and international player in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Meanwhile, UiPath has more than 3.000 employees and almost as many customers worldwide, more than 4.000 implementation partners (Ciphix is one of them) and more than 200.000 users. The company has investments worth nearly $1 billion, consisting of investments from Accel, Sequoia and CapitalG (Google), giving UiPath a market capitalization of $7 billion. Since 2018, the company has been active in the Netherlands, with an office in Amsterdam.

UiPath was named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation. For the second year in a row, UiPath was placed top in the quadrant for ability to execute. The Magic Quadrant is a series of market research reports published by IT consulting firm Gartner.


Why Ciphix as implementation partner of UiPath?

UiPath and Ciphix have been partners since November 2017. Together, we have transformed over 25 enterprise clients by successfully scaling the UiPath Platform organization wide. Ciphix is the first and only UiPath Certified Professional Services Partner in the Benelux. This means that Ciphix belongs to an elite network of service delivery business partners that customers can source as they look for leaders who are competent, able to provide customer references, and share best practices. In addition, Ciphix also performs implementation for customers on behalf of UiPath. Furthermore, Ciphix employs over 35 certified UiPath Developers & Infrastructure specialists.

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UiPath FAQ

  • What is UiPath?

    UiPath is a software company that specializes in Robotic Process Automation. UiPath is mostly a robotic process automation platform for end-to-end automation. The software from UiPath enables enterprises and citizen developers to automate repetitive office tasks for rapid business transformation.

  • How does UiPath Work?

    The UiPath robotic process automation platform consists of three main products which all seamlessly connect with one another. The three main products are the UiPath Studio, UiPath Assistant and UiPath Orchestrator. UiPath Studio is a low-code development tool that allows users to create automation flows. In order to start these automation flows, the UiPath Assistant is required. The UiPath Assistant can execute these automation flows built in the Studio. The UiPath Orchestrator is the centralized platform that manages all the robots in your digital workforce. Together, these three products help users to flawlessly build, manage and run their automation projects.

  • What are all the UiPath Products?

    UiPath offers a range of products, in addition to the Studio, Orchestrator and Assistant.


    UIPath AI Center – An orchestration platform that helps with introducing Artificial Intelligence into your business processes.  

    UiPath Action Center – The platform that enables you to connect robots with humans where specific tasks are to be validated before or after being processed by a robot.

    UiPath Assistant – A desktop application that delivers automations to their end-user that give them easy access to automation that can help them with their daily tasks.

    UiPath Automation Hub – A tool specifically designed for an organization to streamline and manage their process automation discovery. 

    UiPath Document Understanding – Software that is meant for extracting and processing data from unstructured documents. 

    UiPath Insights – An addon that provides analytics within the UiPath Orchestrator for automated processes.

    UiPath Process Mining – A process mining tool that makes it easier to uncover new automation opportunities.

    UiPath Studio – A low code development tool that allows developers to create automation processes.

    UiPath Test Suite – Centralizes testing to ensure the quality of every automation and application before they go live.

    UiPath Orchestrator – The centralized platform that can manage all the robots. 

  • Why is UiPath used?

    UiPath is used by organizations and employees to streamline processes and allow for more efficient business operations. The UiPath products provide companies with an end-to-end solution. The products are usable as stand-alone solutions, but can also be integrated with each other to create a corporate automation framework. This provides your organization with endless future-proof possibilities that suit your automation needs, as well as your company culture.

  • What can I automate with UiPath?

    You can use UiPath to automate standardized processes. Think of processing invoices, extracting data out of documents, scraping databases, and sending emails. For more examples of what you can use UiPath for, check out our use cases. UiPath has also launched products to aid enterprises in process discovery, testing, and artificial intelligence. If you are interested in exploring these additional products, reach out to us.

  • How can I get started with UiPath

    You can get started with UiPath as soon as you discover which processes are suitable for automation. Of course, there are also some infrastructure and security considerations that you should be aware of. Head on over to our academy to learn how to find suitable processes in your organization, and set up the infrastructure necessary for UiPath.

  • Is UiPath user-friendly? / Is Uipath easy to use? / Do I need programming experience to implement UiPath?

    UiPath offers a user-friendly platform, of which the products are designed to be managed by the end-user! Programming experience needed for using UiPath products differs based on the role you play in the project. Check out our academy for more information on this, and how we can help you prepare to digitize your workforce.

  • Popular Applications To Automate With UiPath?

    UiPath is easily integratable with almost all applications, even legacy applications and company-specific software. Some common examples of applications are:

    – Adobe
    – Docusign
    – Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    – Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, etcetera.)
    – Microsoft Teams
    – Outlook
    – Power BI
    – Proactis
    – SAP

    Curious to know if UiPath can be integrated into applications in your business processes? Reach out to us!

  • Is UiPath for me?

    If you are ready to free up your time and start working with your own digital employee, UiPath is for you. UiPath provides an end-to-end solution for your repetitive problems, from process discovery, to dashboarding of your implemented solutions. The UiPath products can help make your business processes more efficient, and your job more fun. Need help implementing a solution? Reach out to us for a consultation.

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