The average office worker receives 121 emails and sends about 40 each day. When this is added up across an entire organization, it means that there may be thousands of emails to manage. Doing so manually can be extremely time-consuming, leaving employees sifting through large numbers of irrelevant messages instead of completing more important tasks. 

That’s why many companies are exploring whether email automation can ease the burden placed on their employees, freeing them from the tyranny of an overflowing inbox. On a simple level, email automation can automatically deliver basic replies or filter messages into specific folders, but that will only go so far in reducing the amount of time spent managing emails. Instead, businesses need intelligent email automation. 

Intelligent email automation leverages robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to read, classify and process hundreds of unstructured text-based emails without any human intervention. It’s the kind of tool that could transform your workplace – and here’s why:

#1. Save time 

The average professional spends 28% of their workday reading and answering emails. Of course, some of these messages will contain vital information but many others are unwanted – taking up time that could be spent more effectively. An intelligent email automation solution is capable of reading the content of incoming emails, classifying them based on this content, and extracting important information. This means that employees can instantly determine the important facets of a particular message. They don’t waste time on spam or cold messages. At Ciphix, our intelligent email automation solutions can save businesses as much as 5500 hours each year. For contact centers and other organizations that use group mailboxes, the time savings can be even greater.

#2. Reduce the number of errors

By using RPA and AI tools, intelligent email automation solutions can perform checks on output invoices to ensure that they are error-free. In addition, by extracting important parameters contained within incoming messages, employees no longer have to feel rushed when they are responding to an email – as they won’t be sifting through quite so many messages. As such, the number of employee errors contained within emails is significantly reduced. Plus, updates and follow-up steps are automatically sent to employees to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. With Ciphix’s intelligent email automation solution, the error rate has fallen to just 5%. 

#3. Achieve excellent ROI

Of course, deploying an intelligent email automation solution will require some initial investment. Businesses could instead decide to continue manually sorting, sending, and responding to their emails – but that would be a short-sighted decision. With the time-savingtime savings that comes with intelligent email automation solutions, companies are likely to see productivity increase substantially. With employees freed from repetitively scrolling through their emails, they can get back to adding value to your organization. That’s why the Ciphix intelligent email automation solution can deliver ROI in just six months

Do your employees dread checking their inbox each morning. Free them up to display their talents in other areas with Ciphix’s intelligent email automation solution.

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