Hyperautomation takes automation to the next level

Hyperautomation outlines the integrated use of different process automation components and integrates technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), process mining, data-analysis and other advanced technologies to eliminate repetitive tasks within your organisation.

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We build low-code, non-intrusive robotic process solutions that fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. To achieve this we utilize leading software such as UiPath and Workato.

Speed of Implementation

Our highly efficient development methods enable rapid digital transformation. Our implementations are notably more efficient than traditional ERP, where an average implementation takes three weeks with an average return on investment of five months.

The outcome of Hyperautomation

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Hyperautomation consulting & advice

Hyperautomation represents not just an advancement in technology, but a shift in perspective. It goes beyond only automating individual tasks. Instead, we champion a more holistic approach that looks at optimising the entire value chain. This approach spans the entirety of a process, from start to finish. By doing so, it addresses potential bottlenecks that might go unnoticed when attention is limited to singular tasks or processes.

To reach this, we at Ciphix wield a three-step approach: 

  1. From task automation – targets specific operations, optimising single tasks but potentially overlooking broader inefficiencies.
  2. To process automation – Expands this scope, enhancing an entire process to achieve greater efficiency. 
  3. And finally, to value chain optimisation. In value chain optimisation we truly unlock the potential of hyperautomation. 

This strategy considers the entirety of operations, from the strategic vision and KPIs to the aspirations driving the organisation. It’s about aligning the current state of affairs, often inefficient and messy, with the ‘dream-state’ the organisation aims to achieve, identifying where hyperautomation can bridge that gap.

What we often find when we do this, is that we need a critical, initial step: optimising and standardising processes before automation is even considered. The rationale is clear – automating an inefficient process merely enhances its inefficiencies on a larger scale.

Ciphix’s hyperautomation consultants specialise in navigating these complexities. They hold a keen understanding of business needs and the digital transformation landscape. Their expertise lies in identifying and realising value, guiding organisations through their unique Hyperautomation Journey, from task automation to hyperautomation. This framework meticulously outlines the path from the initial identification of value opportunities to the ultimate goal: realising the value of hyperautomation.

In the following section, we delve deeper into the specifics of the Hyperautomation Journey, outlining our methodology for transforming your organisational aspirations into tangible outcomes.

Your Hyperautomation Journey


Discover the value that can be unlocked through hyperautomation


Optimise and prepare processes for efficient automation to maximise value


Automate: Realise value & innovate through hyperautomation


Enhance: Increase the value of your hyperautomation solutions through data & governance


Emerge through building your own strong hyperautomation fundament


Run: Ensure sustainable performance and continuous improvement of your hyperautomation solutions

Following these six steps ensures the most effective and impactful transformation in your organisation. Throughout each of the steps different team members are involved. From consultants, to solution architects, implementation leads and developers. With such a team, each discipline is addressed with a continuous eye for detail and care. 

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Golden Rules for your Hyperautomation Journey

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