At first glance, robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) may not appear to have many synergies within the workplace. RPA concerns the creation of software bots that can perform rules-based business tasks. These bots are not supposed to be able to think for themselves or make intelligent decisions. They are supposed to complete repetitive tasks quickly and without error, freeing up employees to truly add value elsewhere. On the other hand, AI concerns technologies that can think for themselves, learn and make their own decisions. 

However, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence can work together effectively. In combination, they can be used to create an end-to-end intelligent automation solution that can be used to further an organization’s digital transformation agenda. In fact, combining the way that RPA automates processes using structured data with and the more intelligent insights derived by AI, makes perfect sense. 

Uses of a combined RPA and AI strategy

There are several ways that businesses can employ a combination of RPA and AI. Here are just a few:

  • Processing documents: AI can be used to glean insights from semi-structured and unstructured data, including images, emails, and other files. For businesses that manage large numbers of documents, processing them all can be a huge drain on resources. However, by combining RPA, machine learning, and natural language processing, relevant information can be extracted and processed from unstructured datasets. 
  • Inserting content into enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools: Contracts and other sensitive documents represent other examples of unstructured data that businesses may deal with on a regular basis. RPA tools can automatically extract useful information before inserting it into ERP software – again using AI solutions like natural language processing. 
  • Using cognitive robots: Combining RPA and AI can lead to the creation of intelligent robots that can reduce the time it takes to respond to a customer, lower service costs, and generally enhance customer service.

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How to use UiPath to combine RPA and AI effectively

It’s time to stop thinking of your software robots as rules-based drones. By combining RPA and AI it is possible to expand automation into entirely new areas of your business – and Ciphix is ready to show you how. 

Ciphix is the leading implementation partner for UiPath in The Netherlands, a leading provider of RPA and AI software. UiPath’s AI solutions allow businesses to discover automation opportunities and enhance their robots with AI skills – all by using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. What’s more, the benefits of combining RPA and AI with UiPath never stop. As new data arrives, you can leverage UiPath’s learning loop to continue retraining and improving your software robots. 

In addition, as Ciphix is platform agnostic, our customers can benefit from other industry-leading solutions, including Google’s AI capabilities and Microsoft’s RPA tools. 

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Blogpost by Marijn van de Poel

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