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Automated accounting solutions for the future of finance

Less manual work for your finance and accounting teams means more growth for your business.

Why use RPA to automate Finance & Accounting?

Our automated accounting solutions makes financial processes worry-free.

Even with advanced accounting technology, many finance professionals find themselves bogged down in repetitive, low-value tasks. Processes such as extracting data, validating and reconciling payments, and preparing for reviews involve a number of manual actions that, to humans, make for tedious and time-consuming work.

For a digital workforce, however, these tasks are a perfect match. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can handle even the largest data sets without missing a beat—preventing delays in accounts payable and receivable, maximizing accuracy, and providing more time for in-depth analytics and other financial initiatives.

The benefits of automating Automated accounting solutions for finance professionals tasks with Robotic Process Automation include:

Return on Investment

Reducing manual workload drives down costs while allowing finance teams to better utilize their time and skills.

Minimized business risk

RPA is immune to human error, giving you the peace of mind that critical tasks are being completed accurately.

A non-invasive solution

RPA integrates with digital finance systems such as SAP and Excel without touching their underlying infrastructure.


What Finance & Accounting processes can you automate with Ciphix?

Auto-extracting information

Extract data from vendor invoices or purchase orders without the need for human involvement.

Validation and reconciliation

Offload payment validation and reconciliation, exception notifications, and more to your digital workforce.

Financial review preparation

Our RPA manages data movement from various banking applications for easy executive reporting.

Financial operations

Automate procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, record-to-report, record-to-risk-management, and other common processes.

Extracting data from unstructured documents

Combine RPA with Machine Learning (ML), Optical Recognition Software (OCR), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract data from complex unstructured documents.

Finance & Accounting

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