RPA hires employees and requests a certificate of conduct (VOG)

Employees at a Secondment Agency encounter a lot of administrative tasks when registering new employees. We developed a digital workforce using RPA technology that automates the registration of new employees, including the request for a certificate of conduct (VOG). As a result, the administrative workload reduced significantly, leading to increased employee satisfaction.

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Use case: The time-consuming process of employee registration

The operations department within a Secondment Agency takes care of the registration of new employees, among other things. Registering new employees requires a lot of administrative information. First, employees have to check for personal information, such as names, addresses, and the validity of the passport. Then various other documents need checking. For example, whether the correct job title or collective labor agreement is included in the employment contract. The last step of this process after checking and signing the documents is for an employee to request a certificate of conduct (VOG) for the new employee.

All of these administrative checks are a very repetitive and often occurring process. All administrative checks are performed manually and make it both time-consuming and prone to human error. However, these aspects make this rule-based registration process an excellent candidate for an RPA-based solution.

Years to ROI
Hours saved annually
Of effort automated
Error reduction

Our solution: Saving up to 573 hours annually by automation

We created a digital workforce using RPA technology so that employee productivity is improved and technology use is optimized. Our goal was to create a solution that is less sensitive to human error and to reduce the workload of the operations department, and in this, we succeeded. After a recruiter within this department files for a new employee, it’s the robot’s task to perform the following:

  • Validate personal details
  • Validate documents and check whether they are signed
  • Create an account for the new employee

Our robot is able to automate 40% of the process and save over 573 hours on a yearly basis. Due to the standardized way of working of the RPA robot, we achieved an 80% error reduction.

Our implemented solution is effective, efficient, and reliable. Workers are no longer bound to manually registering new employees and can refocus on work that matters.

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