RPA fully automates the offboarding process

Usually, when employees leave an organisation, a lengthy off-boarding process awaits. The HR department then knows a lot of administrative work is coming their way. But not anymore! We have developed an RPA-based solution that fully automates the off-boarding process, enabling HR employees to focus on more value-adding tasks.

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Use case: The lengthy offboarding process

An employee leaving the organisation generally equals a lot of administrative work. The offboarding procedure, carried out by the Human Resources (HR), is often an administrative nightmare. This procedure includes deleting accounts, denying access and notifying everybody that the employee is leaving. It is not always the case that a leaving employee used all of the applications, but every application should be checked nevertheless.

HR spends a lot of time on this procedure, time that can be spent on more value-adding activities. The process is also prone to human error. However, as all steps are highly repetitive and rule-based, the offboarding process is the perfect candidate for an RPA solution.

Year to ROI
Hours saved annually
Of effort automated
Chance on security issues

Our solution: Implement full automation

In order to ease the off-boarding process, we created an RPA solution that automates the complete administrative offboarding. This means the off-boarding process can be completed without any human interference. The process starts when an offboarding ticket is entered in ServiceNow. Then, our robot performs the following tasks:

  • Daily check for offboarding tickets in ServiceNow
  • Remove VPN rights using a Powershell script
  • Remove user from all applications
  • Report status of deletion back to ServiceNow

Our solution fully automates the offboarding process (100%) and hereby saves over 360 hours on a yearly basis. And we developed our robot in such a way that it does not raise any security issues.

Now that our RPA solution has been implemented, the HR employees can stop wasting time on manually offboarding employees and refocus on work that matters.

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