RPA creates monthly sales report

The closing of the month involves repetitive and manual tasks that recur every month. A business controller has to create a report on all sales of that month. The long throughput time and strict deadlines make it a stressful task. Our RPA solution is able to collect all sales numbers and creates a report that meets all requirements. It fully automates the monthly process and reduces the monotonous work of the business controllers significantly.

2 weeks delivery time

Use case: Manually creating monthly sales reports

At the end of each month, a sales report has to be generated within an industrial engineering company. This engineering company reached out to us to automate this process of creating these monthly sales reports. Previously, business controllers at the Finance & Accounting department created reports that contained all sales of that calendar month. The business controller first collected all sales numbers from two ERP software applications, SAP and EveryAngle. Once all data was collected, it was combined into an Excel File. After that, the controller compiled the extracted data in a macro to create an overall report. Finally, the report was saved and sent to all involved departments.

Since this process recurs every month, it is a very monotonous and dissatisfying task. Creating the report takes a lot of hours and is often performed in a time crunch. This causes stress and anxiety for the controllers which in turn increases the risk of errors.

Months ROI
Hours saved annually
Of effort automated
Error reduction

Our solution: RPA automates End-of-Month closing process

A digital workforce was created using RPA technology to automate the End-of-Month closing process. Our goal was to create a robot that is able to automate the process and thereby save valuable time. Our robot was built to perform the following steps:

  • Extract week report from SAP Business Warehouse
  • Extract week report from EveryAngle
  • Insert extracted data into Excel
  • Run Excel Macro to generate final weekly report
  • Send email with final weekly report to stakeholders

This robot is able to fully automate (100%) the process and hereby saves over 360 hours on a yearly basis. The workload is reduced and business controllers are relieved from the associated work pressure. Our solution reduces the throughput time and costs while increasing the user satisfaction.

We offer a solution that is effective, efficient and reliable. Workers can stop wasting time on manually creating sales reports and refocus on work that matters.

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