Intelligent email automation with the use of RPA and AI

Many of us feel strained by the never ending stream of emails coming from customers or suppliers. Maintaining these overflowing mailboxes is a time-consuming and repetitive task. We offer an Intelligent Email Automation (IMA) solution that is built with RPA and AI technology. Our solution can read, classify and process hundreds of unstructured text-based emails without any human intervention.

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Use case: Processing an endless stream of emails

An airline company challenged us to improve the processing of incoming emails in the Accounts Payable department. An endless stream of emails with inquiries from vendors is received on a shared mailbox that is maintained by three employees. The employees read and sort all incoming emails and determine what actions they need to take based on its content. A typical example is a reminder for payment. Employees detect these emails, extract relevant information, search for payment information in the back-office system and send an update on the payment status to the vendor. 

This process is highly repetitive and extremely time-consuming. The frequency of incoming emails is too high. Employees cannot handle every email in time and the chance of errors increases. This results in dissatisfied vendors as well as dissatisfied employees.

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Our solution: Implementation of Intelligent Email Automation

Intelligent Email Automation (IMA) is an advanced solution that can read and classify emails with the use of RPA and AI. Recognizing and classifying emails is a complex cognitive task, which is best suited for an AI solution. The emails are then processed. That is where RPA comes in. Together, RPA and AI are a match made in heaven.

Our solution is able to make cognitive decisions. It automatically reads and classifies emails in the inbox of our client. We also extract relevant entities from each email in order to make complex decisions based on this input. Our solution is built to perform the following tasks:

  • Read content of incoming emails
  • Classify email based on content (new invoice, reminder, etc.)
  • Extract important parameters (invoice number, issue date, etc.)
  • Perform checks on output invoice
  • Perform follow-up action (for example: send reply to supplier)
  • Send update to employee

By implementing our solution, efficiency within the department has increased significantly, saving 5500 hours annually. Additionally, the error rate has reduced to 5%, further increasing the efficiency of the entire process.

Intelligent Email Automation offers a solution that is effective, efficient and reliable. Employees can refocus on work that matters to them, and stop spending excessive hours on reading and classifying emails.

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