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Automate order entry process by implementing a digital back-office employee

Thanks to RPA, our client was able to eliminate manual tasks involved in transferring data from billing contracts. By implementing a digital back-office employee, the data received via email goes directly to the appropriate location in the ERP system - without human intervention. And this is just one way to begin the Journey towards a Digital Workforce.

2 weeks delivery time

Suitable for organisations with complex service contracts

Use case: Automatic processing for billing contracts in the order entry process

The RPA solution has the capability to analyse e-mails, extract relevant data from the e-mails, and store it properly in the Salesforce ERP system. Automating this process not only saves a lot of time but it also enables employees to focus on exceptions, contribute to a streamlined order entry process, and offer consistent customer service.

Robotic Process Automation
RPA technology allows anyone to configure computer software or develop a robot to automate manual tasks. Give employees the freedom to focus on doing what they do best. Opt for software robots powered by RPA & AI and implemented by Ciphix. Transfer your repetitive, manual tasks to digital employees.

"Data from the billing contracts is automatically stored in the Salesforce ERP system. Unknown contacts are created automatically. Employees are only involved in the exceptions and can focus on process optimisation."


Billing contracts each month


Digital back-end employee


Hours saved each year

The challenge

A time-consuming billing process

Each month through a shared Outlook mailbox, the contract department at our client receives approximately 50 billing contracts. These contracts contain various details, often including: duration of the contract, work to be done, products and services delivered, and relevant contact representatives. Previously, employees were manually entering all of this data into the Salesforce ERP system to be used further along in the process. The manual data entry was not only tedious for the employees, but also exceptionally time-consuming and error-prone.

The challenge was to automate this predictable and repetitive task.

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RPA replaces manual data entry for billing contracts

Bring in the Bots

Together with our client, we explored how to roboticise the task of entering billing data entry in the ERP environment. The conclusion was that nearly 430 hours per year could be saved by applying RPA in this situation. Ciphix built a robot equipped to handle every aspect of the data entry process. The emails still arrive in the same shared mailbox; but now the employee is only responsible for dragging the billing contract emails over to the robot’s mailbox.

Once dropped there, the robot begins the entire process:

  1. Identifies & enters key details: Customer name, contract date/duration, order numbers & contact representatives
  2. Scans Salesforce for customer, checking if a unique match can be made
  3. Searches for the contact representative – if the specified representative is not in the system, a new contact will be automatically created
  4. All data from billing lines is transferred to the ERP system; and products are added one by one

In this case, RPA was an ideal way to transfer a time-consuming and repetitive task to a digital back-end employee. Our solution helps employees focus on adding value, while shortening lead times and reducing error.

Applied technologies

Robotic Process Automation

How it works for you

Advantages of our solution

Ciphix roboter is analyzing a process chart
Create a uniform & automated process for entering billing data
Ciphix clock time saving icon
Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks
Ciphix roboter icon monitoring a screen
Reassign tedious and recurring tasks
Scalable solution, possibility to add more contracts

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