Ruben Visser, Head of Support at Ciphix, is looking forward to another day with his team when he enters the train at 7.30 AM. The Ciphix office is only 15 minutes commuting.

It is a big advantage that the offices are situated near Rotterdam Central Station. After a couple of quick chats with colleagues, Ruben opens his laptop at around 8 AM. He scrolls through his agenda and starts preparing for the day ahead. First item on the agenda is the team meeting.

At 9.15 AM. the support team meets to discuss ongoing business. This ‘Stand up’ is a daily event, as is the wrap up at the end of the day. Ruben gets the latest status of issues, problems or requests that are raised by clients. Ruben and his five colleagues talk about possible solutions and divide the different tasks that lay ahead. “During this meeting we challenge each other to find solutions that generate more value for the customer. Of course, we want to fix a problem, but we are always looking for more innovations. That means that we aim for unlocking human potential through smarter business process automation with RPA and AI. We look beyond the immediate task, keeping a pragmatic, big-picture perspective that leads to strategic choices and sustainable solutions. That’s why I love working at Ciphix.”

The team meetings ends at 10 AM, time for Ruben to call a customer who is looking for the next step in process automation. “To get more details of a specific case, I call the customer and discuss the issues. Of course, it’s our goal that all the software robots are running smoothly but a robot can also encounter difficulties. It’s my job to come up with solutions with my team and keep on working until the issue is solved and the customer is satisfied. This kind of interaction with our customers is very valuable; it’s one of many aspects of my job that I appreciate.”

At 11.00 AM, Ruben has a meeting with Gwen Hoogeboom, a new employee who is joining the support team. Rubens makes a start with her onboarding of his team. “First of all, I’m very happy to see our team is strengthened. While Ciphix is growing rapidly, we need more capacity in our support department. The team onboarding is very important to give Gwen a good start. I explain to her that we are responsible for several digital workforces and that we monitor the cost savings these robots generate. With RPA solutions we eliminate manual and time-consuming tasks. Employees are able to focus more and more on adding value for their organisation. Next to that, Gwen asks me what we expect from her. It’s a very nice meeting that we continue during lunch when the rest of the support team joins us.”

12.30 PM means lunch time at Ciphix. Lunch is very important within Ciphix; employees never skip lunch. It’s an important moment during the day and everybody comes together. Not necessarily with your own team, but also with other colleagues. In his mind, Ruben is already looking forward to his next meeting. 

At 1.30 PM there is an important meeting with Vattenfall, one of Ciphix’ first customers. “I always get a lot of energy from talking with companies like Vattenfall, an early adopter concerning RPA technology. Talking to Vattenfall is like talking to my own colleagues. They have integrated RPA into their daily business and we have made a major contribution to that. For them, we keep on searching for more process and performance optimizations using our advanced RPA solutions. Next to that, we evaluate the solutions we have implemented recently. This feedback is very important; this makes it possible for us to optimize our services and make successful use cases known to other (potential) customers.”

Vers fruit op het kantoor bij Ciphix

Around 16.00 PM, the Vattenfall meeting comes to an end. Ruben makes a walk to the kitchen for some fresh fruit and water, no coffee for him at all. Next, he opens PowerPoint to prepare his Dinner Time Session. He is about to share some support insights with the rest of the company in a meeting around dinnertime. “Ciphix invites employees every week for an informal session at the end of the day. These meetings are a great opportunity for sharing new experiences and to discuss new developments. We all get a lot of inspiration from these events. I don’t like huge slide decks, to say the least, so I will keep it short and simple.” 

It’s already 5 PM and before the Dinner Time Session takes place, the support team gathers once more for the daily wrap-up. Time to share successful solutions that are shared with the customers and to discuss the open ends for the next day. “I’m also very excited to talk about the new opportunities we have ahead of us at Vattenfall. I’m glad the team is equally excited and we plan a meeting to discuss new digital workforce solutions for this well-respected customer.”

Ruben is happy to see that a lot of colleagues have joined the Dinner Time Session at 6 PM. His presentation brings about several discussions and that is exactly what Ruben wanted.

On his way home, Ruben contemplates the day behind him, listening to some music. He prefers the Discover Weekly playlist from Spotify, which offers different kinds of music. He might answer some emails and he might add some tasks to an ever-increasing to-do list. There is one thing Ruben is sure of: every day is an exciting day at Ciphix.