December 7, 2022

How RPA helps saving money and time

IMA is an advanced solution that, for example, is implemented for one of our clients active in the airline industry. For their Accounting Services department, the solution automatically reads and classifies emails in their inbox. “New invoice”, “Reminder” and “Dunning letter” are examples of such classifications. Besides classifying, a fundamental feature is the extraction of entities. These two pillar functionalities constitute a solution that allows a process with unstructured textual data and complex decision making to be fully automated.

How does it work

First up is reading and understanding the content of an incoming email. This process is called classification, a type of machine learning problem where the category of the email is determined by selecting one from a predefined list of options. For example, an incoming email may be assigned the category “Reminder”.

Once an email is categorised, the next step is detection and extraction of important parameters known as entity extraction. For example, for emails containing invoicing reminders, the extracted entities could be invoice number, issue date, and invoice amounts.