Let Humans Do What They Do Best

And Leave The Rest To RPA

Hello, Stress Free Job. Software robots are here to put work overload in the past.

What Ciphix-Designed Software Robots
Mean for Your Business

Despite strides in business process automation technology, many of your employees still waste chunks of their day performing repetitive manual tasks such as completing forms, gathering data and reading structured documents. This overload of low-value work is a waste of your company’s talent – not to mention time – and creates inefficiencies throughout your organization. Ciphix is dedicated to solving these and other problems through RPA (Robotic Process Automation), the technology that allows organizations to assign simple, “rule-based” tasks to a digital workforce.

The software robots we create can complete a huge range of actions that do not require human cognition – all at extreme speed, with flawless accuracy and without coffee breaks. When deployed in a smart, sustainable manner – and especially when used tandem with Artificial Intelligence – there’s almost no type of business process the RPA we implement can’t help streamline. And with those human hands and minds free for more engaging work, every member of your organization thrives.

Why Enterprises Choose Ciphix As Their RPA Implementation Partner

RPA has the potential to generate limitless value – but only when it’s guided by a data-driven and fully customized strategy. That’s where Ciphix comes in: with proven expertise in deploying this technology, we’ll ensure that your digital workforce provides:

Ease of Integration

A low-code, non-intrusive solution that fits smoothly into your existing infrastructure.


Rapid deployment, with ROI within 12 months, due to our comprehensive, reusable component strategy and efficient building methodologies.)


An adaptable and scalable framework for future automation.

Higher-Value Work for Humans

Happier, more engaged and more productive teams

UiPath & Ciphix, A Perfect Combination

We’re thrilled to work with UiPath, one of the world’s top innovators in RPA development. Through this partnership, our clients benefit from the most cutting-edge and customizable RPA technologies on the market.

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